The dazzling neon city of Morg is known for it's wondrous sights and more, but a dark secret lurks in it's depths, in akin to ancient Eldritch God's waiting to take control.. Find out the story of Morg by joining today!
With origins in Red Orchestra 2, we are a large-scale tactical FPS community focusing on games that encourage teamwork and communication. We are passionate to provide the most that our games have to offer and create lasting memories for the community before the conclusion of such games come to pass. As such, we have a dedicated community with a laid-back environment, offering camaraderie with veterans and regulars, frequent events, different game modes, and custom maps and mods. To date we have happily served over 2.23 million unique visitors across our servers in the past three years! Discord:
A place for War Thunder players to hang out. We do customs etc, drop by and talk, we'll be glad to have you.
PlusMaster is a gaming online modification project that has started to work in 2013. Our main purpose is to create a secured base to play online games with those who support us by playing here in regular matches and tournaments. Discord invite link :
Special Armed Services (SAS) is a Foxhole Colonial's Clan. This is a public server with private operations. Players can request access to join the internal clan by taking tests for different jobs. Feel free to join and talk with the clan and others to organize smaller operations or to use our resources.
A server where WWII-related game fans congregate, and speak about them . If you're one of them, come and say hi! Maybe share a virtual coffee with us.
A Discord server for Azur Lane players