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With origins in Red Orchestra 2, we are a large-scale tactical FPS community focusing on games that encourage teamwork and communication. We are passionate to provide the most that our games have to offer and create lasting memories for the community before the conclusion of such games come to pass. As such, we have a dedicated community with a laid-back environment, offering camaraderie with veterans and regulars, frequent events, different game modes, and custom maps and mods. To date we have happily served over 2.23 million unique visitors across our servers in the past three years! Discord:
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Official server for the game Brukel, a first-person exploration game that is centered around the authentic memories of a 92-year old WW2 survivor.
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Hello and welcome to **STALINGRAD 1942**! This server is dedicated to fans of history, reenactment, and gaming. We mainly focus on the eastern front in here, but other fronts/theatres of war are welcome as well, as long as it is World War II.