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bonjours nous sommes un serveur outward pour la communauté française le but de ce serveur est de pourvoir partager sont expérience sur outward et de pouvoir obtenir une aider pour les joueurs qui le désire vous pouvez aussi trouver ici des personnes avec qui jouer, adieux la solitude :) le seul critère demander est le respect des autres membres du serveur et de la modération sur ce bonne exploration a vous
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Urbex france est un serveur français qui à pour but de regrouper des passionnés d'explorations urbaine, rurale etc.
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Don't re-enter the past. Don't look towards for the far future. You are in the future! This is 22nd Century. 100 years have gone by! After the meteor star collided with Earth, a new era, life on Mars was just beginning. However, life on a new planet is not easy and you need to fight for power.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
A land full of strange creatures and untold riches, just waiting for Pirates of old to come and take what they please. A in the midst of the golden age of piracy in this fantasy world, you choose a race and who to side with in this strange and wonderous land! While pirates pillage the seas and new lands get explored, the might and warlike Yaztherian Empire sails down from the north to take a chunk out of those they can. Will you become worthy of legend?
Gaming | Education
Official server for the game Brukel, a first-person exploration game that is centered around the authentic memories of a 92-year old WW2 survivor.
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Welcome to Luxury Lodging Travel Club! Join a community of travelers and get special discounts on various travel expenditures. Find travel tips and great places to visit.
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Tales of Kulplex: A 2.5D chill Explorative RPG about mythology, folklore and nature, with buildable characters.
Streaming | YouTuber
Discord Server for the DrDronez community to discuss a variety of topics. Mostly related to sci-fi/Space games such as Star Citizen!
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Serveur pour tous les Photographe, videaste et urbexeur passionnée. Petite communauté très active