Servidor de Discord para múltiples juegos del blog y host de la comunidad de escape from Tarkov, Tarkovitas.
This is a Medieval/Fantasy server based off the Videogame For Honor as Medieval is fun but we added the spin of being in the world of For Honor, where the world is changed and several different factions and now magic We have more things and hope you try this out.
Small/Medium community that just talks about games, anime and day to day stuff. If you just want a place to talk about the things you enjoy then come join us!
A server where you can make friends and talk about everything Pokemon related. We also host tournaments and events monthly. 16+ only. This server welcomes all Pokemon fans, with a tight knit community that is more than happy to call you a friend. Even if you're not that interested in Pokemon, this is still a great place to make friends and talk about other things. We host seasonal and sporadic events, as well as various game tournaments, including Pokemon Showdown. Must be 16+ years to enter.
So just play and talk about games
Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more
This server is for the DEVELOPMENT of a new Game! Come give input and ideas
Tales of Kulplex: A 2.5D chill Explorative RPG about mythology, folklore and nature, with buildable characters.
Servidor pra jogar, pra conversar com o pessoal, pra escutar musica, há canais de voz para jogo, para conversar e para escutar musica com o bot Groovy
Hola. Siamo una fan-base di tf2 che però si occupa anche di altri giochi e software