A small non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill community of gamers looking for other gamers to game with. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
A small non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill community of gamers looking for other gamers to game with. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
A small non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill community of gamers looking for other gamers to game with. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
A fun place to roleplay with almost any character from anything that isn't too op!
Join a vibrant, properly seasoned, low-moisture furry community full of: - Being bad at videogames - Whining about being bad at videogames - Various levels of bullshittery - Tabletop stuff and regular events - Art! Art! Art! - Opt-in 18+ NSFW channels full of smut and sin - Spicy memes and salty dreams
Servidor de Tecno Gamer JW donde se puede hablar de diversos temas en sus respectivos canales, ademas de permitir que otros Animadores de Minecraft puedan presentar sus proyectos y pedir ayuda.
Server for people who like gaming of all kinds and are in, or around Calgary!
A place for like minded creative people to hang out
La comunidad oficial de Discord de FunDudeTV. Únete para charlar, participar en los streams y pasar un buen rato con otros fundidos.
Streamer server for Herclacules the Stronk. You'd join if you were cool.
A server that has everything, a small community wanting to expand, ahhh you get the point just check it out if ya like.
Gaming & Fun
Gaming League is a small fast growing community of game players, and developers. Here you can play with others, chat about games, and so much more! See you there! -Elliott#0004
Official APG Esports Discord server! "Join the Pride, greatness lies within." Apex Predator Gaming APG Esports, founded in 2016, is an Esports coalition focused on cultivating best-in-class talent to deliver ourstanding results. We have one goal: Building an unparalleled Esports legacy. APG Esports thrives on challenging the status quo and doing things on our terms. We are committed to our athletes, to our community and to our craft. We owe a deep debt of gratitude to each and every member of our community — we could not have come as far as we have without the unconditional dedication and true hard work of our gamers.
A beautiful server for beautiful people <3 Gaming memes, tournaments and free videogames. (admins are videogame devs)
Join our server if you want to become an amazing 3d artist for the video game and VFX industries.
Sanctity Co is a business with a variety of services! Currently, we sell: - Graphic Design - Video Games - Books - Board Games and Card Games - Website Development - And more to come! Staff positions open! Join and apply! We are looking for Graphic Designers, Board Game Designers, and more!
where a casual server based around a world my friends and i created. features. -self assignable roles -chill af staff. -memes -lore -an active mod team. we are a happy bunch, if you want to add to the lore you can add to the lore if you would like, with a specific role to do so.
> Server dedicated to my video games projects | The last being "Survival Island".
Seja BEM VINDO(A) ao nosso servidor para jogadores de TODOS os tipos, entre e aproveite! Criado por Spiga e JovemRadiante
Helmed by a Streamer/Youtuber EzyCommunity is a Streamer/Youtuber community built around hype/game speculation/recognition/game updates and a place for everyone to chill. With it's ever changing theme based on the latest titles we encourage fresh new fans to join and chat!
This server is for posting roleplaying advertisements of any kind.
A new server mainly focused on the gaming and anime communities. Just looking for people to have fun with and play games talk about anime. fashion, sneakers, basketball, and alot of other stuff.
Want a cup of coffee? We are a chill server with: ◆ Active Members ◆ Events ◆ Self assignable roles ◆ Memes ? Memes ◆ People chatting about gaming! And more!
¿Red de servidores? ¡KayMa Craft!
In this day and age, it's tough being a loser. Join the Nep Jr.'s Academy For Degenerates and help us fight back to those that aim to end our way of life! Comes accustomed with: -Fellow gamers of culture who are more then willing to talk with you about anything from politics to anime! -Wide variety of emotes! -NSFW! We horny too, bro! -Bots for you know, bot stuff such as memes and games! -Very minimal restrictions in talking, we don't like censorship! -Nep looks like an eraser! Now join us for free robux!
We play a bunch of fun games (mainly R6)......that's it. I feel like I should be putting more in since the box i'm writing this in is pretty big....... Nachos every Wednesday and we play Jackbox too........ ... ... ... ... Our Owner is God, which is neat I guess.
This server is a server made for people who want to play League of Legends and hang out. The server is a little empty now but I'm hoping that I can get more people in it. It's a chill location that's welcome to everyone!!!
Buscais un Servidor para quedar con otra gente para jugar? Unete a Sala de Juegos! aqui puedes quedar con otra gente a jugar a GTA, League of Legends, Minecraft, etc! hay canal de memes, hay canal de musica (podemos poner vuestra musica favorita) esto y mucho mas en Sala de Juegos! https://discord.gg/EpegqQn
An active, cheerful community for gamers, artists and YouTube creators to chat and enjoy themselves. All ages welcome. You can join our giveaways, participate in events, find friends & people to play with and most importantly, have fun! Hope to see you soon! :)
Just a server for chill people to hang out. Have fun and an amazing day!
Hello and welcome to Super Fragland, a new, fun, non-toxic gaming server. The goal of this server is to create a fun gaming community where you can make friends, find people to play with and overall, create a community that helps one another become awesome people in life. This is a general gaming and social server. We don't focus on one game, so please come in and share your favorites.
Team PriZim is a set of handpicked professional players. Now, PriZim Gaming discord server is open! So you can join us just with a click of a button!
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A friendly server where to discuss your hobbies and whatever you enjoy!
Small community full of friends who love to talk and play games. Join our server today to be part of our community!