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PvP and PvE Cluster Servers for Ark Survival Evolved {PlayStation} DayZ Modded Server {PlayStation} Arma 2 Epoch DayZ Mod PvE {PC} Great Discord Community Boosted Rates to ease the grind but enough to feel rewarding Almost all maps for both play styles clustered There Are No Strangers Here, Only Friends You Haven't Met !!
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Serveur Discord de la CMGF
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Who And What Are We FOXTROT OSCAR GAMING is a mature online gaming clan focused on creating a fun and open place for all levels and abilities of gamer to unwind and play games. We are not extreme try hards and our main goal is to make games fun. We encourage teamwork and community participation.
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We're a laid back growing server, diversity at its finest. Here's a baguette! >:D The America of Servers, build by the banned for the banned. Round here you will never get banned. We have top-notch mods and devs, come drink at the bar or get funky with the seductress.
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Gamers being gamers
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Universal gaming server
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The Office of Strategic Services is unique gaming community primarily focused on the games Post Scriptum and Squad. Join us if your either a casual or realism player, both are welcome! For our casual players they are welcome to join us in games any time, just watch if there are people sitting in the voice chats. For our realism players we have a squad your able to join to play next to other realism players in the unit and be competative in events. Either way enjoy your stay! -CPT. SARGE
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Welcome to the Maddenverse ------Server Features------ 📰 Madden & NFL Updates 🎫 Madden 22 Giveaways 🌐 Franchise Hub 🏆 Leagues run within the server ⭐ Verified Franchises 🔩 Franchise Owners Tools & Support 📺 Madden Entertainment 🤝 Content Creator Support 🔎 Self Promotion 🌐 App/Website (coming soon)
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⚽ We are a new, free to compete pro clubs league that wants to approach things differently. We define ourselfs as a community for FIFA players. We give you the opportunity to get involved as much as possible. Exciting things to come 🤩 🔶 Play in a competitive league and win rewards 🔶 Your own player/club section on our WEBSITE 🔶 Get involved in a great community 🔶 Manage and coach your own club 🔶 Besides the league, FUT tournaments, 5 v 5 and 3 v 3 🔶 Get general pro club infos, clips, discussions, pro build tips & many more 🔶 VOLTA Football - Find players to play with ➡️ 🟦 PS / 🟩 XBOX / ⬛ PC community
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Do you miss the Playstation Communities? Use Discord as an alternative, do your part and help!