Самое крупное сообщество SCUM в России! 🌟Самый первый сервер SCUM в России. 🙏Сотрудничество с разработчиками, получение самой последней информации о развитии игры. 🎮Сервер SCUM - IP (PvPvE) 💻Активная администрация, отсутствие читеров и багоюзеров. 👾Нет игроков с правами администратора, администраторы - строго администраторы. 📑Нет админских отрядов, нет админских баз, нет админских злоупотреблений 🔨Собственные разработки ✯ Уникальный контент Eng: No use cheats, No use bugs = BAN No players with admin rights, administrators - strictly administrators. No admin groups, no admin bases, no admin abuses SAFE ZONE A1-A2 (no kills) http://www.gamescum.ru/
Warframe Builds search engine provided by veteran players for everyone!
French minecraft serveur
Discord de la guilde "La Harde" sur le serveur Furye. Toujours eu envie de vous amuser sur du PvP ou des Songes, mais vous ne trouviez pas de compagnons à votre niveau de jeu? Nous sommes là pour vous aider.
ARKADE is an Ark Community
This is the discord server of i6 Hitman! Welcome to the server!
A Minecraft server based in the UK. With a focus on factions, pvp and pve. Plugins such as Mythic Mobs and MMO Items add great depth to the end game, introducing some unique weapons!
xWoW is a Progressive WOTLK PvE server
Allgemeiner Server und Support für unseren Miscreated Server GERMAN Only - PVE - MODS - Infos: www.discord.me/retromania - Whitelisted Only
SCUM FULL LOOT Scum Server 50 player slots / 50 jogadores online No lag server / Servidor sem lag PVP and PVE Gameplay (mad zombies) Cheaters Free Server
Welcome to Rust Server Solo/Duo/Trio UK/GR Official "Noob Friendly" https://discord.gg/kVwcCAA Active Admin New players welcome 50% TC upkeep Map last wiped 14/8/2019 Next map wipe 5/9/2019 BPs last wiped 14/8/2019 Next BP wipe 3/10/2019 Map wiped when forced or deemed necessary BPs wiped when forced or deemed necessary Custom events (disabled on fresh wipe): Halloween and Christmas events will be enabled a few days before the forced wipe If you have any in game issues such as suspected cheaters , door camping, or issues of that nature, please message @Septium7167 or @Thomo Message @Septium7167 or @Thomo or one of the @Moderators if you have anything else to report.
► The Cluster - Our cluster contains each of the following maps: The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Ragnarok and The Center. ► The Portal - Get access to your dino's coordinates, stats and breeding status, as well as full tribes logs, all from your browser. ► Loyalty Points - By playing on the server you will earn Loyalty Points, which you can use to purchase content from the Loyalty Store. ► White and Green Beacons - We've reworked these to drop boss tribue and alpha trophies. ► Cross-Cluster Chat - /allchat is global across the entire cluster. /allchat is also available in Discord. ► Rebuild Kits - If your base is destroyed, you can apply for a rebuild kit to get you back on your feet. ► Bloody MMO - An MMO plug-in to compliment your progression with periodic rewards as you level-up your skills. ► Tribe Ranks - Based on the size of your tribe, you will gain different rates on the server. We’re not trying to make solo-play viable, but at least more enjoyable.
Welcome to Oni Knights Federation a Multi Gaming Platform Community! If you have questions feel free to message the appropriate leadership for your game or one of the officers listed below. If they do not respond then directly message HiroTenKai and he will get you sorted. Our Community rules are found pinned in the Welcome chat along with setting up your rank if your in our Shooter Section. Also please feel free at your discretion to join our Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/OniKnightsFederation Enjoy your stay with us =(^_^)= And above all.. Respect your fellow peers.
Homebase is a Growing Save the world Community that invites all people who enjoy trading withing Fortnite PVE, we offer a variety of Services such as Middlem and Taxis to help you through your time within the Server!
Guilde PVE HL sur world of Warcraft, nous avons pour objectif de Progress sur le jeux. Raid le Mercredi, jeudi et le vendredi de 20:45 à 23:00. Passer sur le discord toute candidature sera étudié.
We are a serious group of diverse and international (primarily EU. and U.S) Division 2 players, focused on content progression and eventual end-game PvP and PvE. Our goal is to establish a top Division 2 gaming community composed of players who are dedicated to the game and to each other.
Hallo und Willkommen bei der Zocker-Nation, hier gibt es keinen zwang sondern ganz nach dem Motto Spielspaß. Wir sind eine Bunte lustige Community. 👽 Wir freuen uns auf Alte und Neue Gamer jeder ist Willkommen. Keine Geschichtenerzähler sondern Spieler die bei der Sache sind und den Ehrgeiz haben auch die schwierigsten Missionen zu meistern. Ihr solltet auf jeden Fall Aktiv beim Gaming, Discord-Talk sein und in der Lage zusammen mit verschiedenen Leuten zu Spielen. - Giveaways - Events - Stats - u.v.m. Wir freuen uns auf euch. 👀 Hello and welcome to the Zocker nation, here there is no compulsion but quite according to the motto of fun. You can enter all Talk Channels after assigning roles to Discord. Active at gaming, discord talk. We look forward to nice gamers whether w/m likes to play with different people together. Games: The Division 2, Wildlands, ROE, PubG, etc.
*•.¸♡ Hearts of Azeroth is a brand-new community server based entirely around World of Warcraft! Our goal is to create a fun, safe place for all kinds of WoW fans - content creators, casual fans, and hardcore raiders alike.
Singurul Simulator de Politie Romanesc
MiddleAgedGamers DayZ Servers We are operating a PVE server with a PVP area and also a dedicated PVP server Before you ask, yes, we are mostly middle aged! # We have active friendly but fair admins # Please feel free to join our discord or our TS server for help or just a chat # Don’t forget to register on our forums so we can get to know you better. Our website is https://middleagedgamers.gamingdeluxe.net/
Hardcore Destiny 2 clan with active leadership, nitro perks, an evolving atmosphere, and a unique rank structure. We beat every challenge Destiny threw at us, so we're making up our own, much harder, challenges--and we're beating those, too. Curious? Come find out what Autarkeia's all about.
Wir sind eine kleine Community die Spaß am zocken hat. Die meisten sind weit über 30 von daher ist es auch nicht so ausgeflipt. Also wenn jemand älteres Pesonal zum zocken sucht seid Ihr bei uns genau richtig.
BlindMischiefServers is a Group of server hosts for Ark: Survival Evolved. Current hosted Clusters: Valhalla24/7 ~(x20) 6+ Maps (1 of each) Nostrand24/7 `(x5) 1 Map *Fresh* To know more about us please visit our discord or website.
SpokyMC es una red hispana en Minecraft, contamos con diversos minijuegos preferidos por los usuarios.
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