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PvP and PvE Cluster Servers for Ark Survival Evolved {PlayStation} DayZ Modded Server {PlayStation} Arma 2 Epoch DayZ Mod PvE {PC} Great Discord Community Boosted Rates to ease the grind but enough to feel rewarding Almost all maps for both play styles clustered There Are No Strangers Here, Only Friends You Haven't Met !!
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Gaming | Community
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Gaming | eSports
French minecraft serveur
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Discord de la guilde "La Harde" sur le serveur Furye. Toujours eu envie de vous amuser sur du PvP ou des Songes, mais vous ne trouviez pas de compagnons à votre niveau de jeu? Nous sommes là pour vous aider.
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Gaming | Community
A Minecraft server based in the UK. With a focus on factions, pvp and pve. Plugins such as Mythic Mobs and MMO Items add great depth to the end game, introducing some unique weapons!
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Allgemeiner Server und Support für unseren Miscreated Server GERMAN Only - PVE - MODS - Infos: - Whitelisted Only
Gaming | Technology
SCUM FULL LOOT Scum Server 50 player slots / 50 jogadores online No lag server / Servidor sem lag PVP and PVE Gameplay (mad zombies) Cheaters Free Server
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DayZ server | PVE
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Streaming | Gaming
Discord server for the Twitch stream,
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Gaming | Military
Serveur PVP, PVE. Map : Chernarus + Slot : 20 Mods, Armes, rangement de balles plus code lock, vêtement militaires, je vais pas faire trop de blablas, venez découvrir ça par vus même ;)
Community | Gaming
Discord Server for A Grave Turn. A PC DayZ server set on the Deer Isle map. Hardcore PvE with plenty of solo and small group mission to keep you active. Plus PvP zones with hostile traders.
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Gaming | eSports
Guilde PVE HL sur world of Warcraft, nous avons pour objectif de Progress sur le jeux. Raid le Mercredi, jeudi et le vendredi de 20:45 à 23:00. Passer sur le discord toute candidature sera étudié.
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BlindMischiefServers is a Group of server hosts for Ark: Survival Evolved. Current hosted Clusters: Valhalla24/7 ~(x20) 6+ Maps (1 of each) Nostrand24/7 `(x5) 1 Map *Fresh* To know more about us please visit our discord or website.
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Gaming | Role-Playing New Garry's mod server/community with an Imperial Occupation server in the works. ----------------- Features ----------------- -Static leveling system used for roleplay and HnS providing roll bonuses and higher force pools (Much like WiltOS but with proper RP roll modifiers) -Imperials/Civilians will be the two large factions that will branch off into many sub factions -Applications for custom civilian jobs/factions such as a black market dealer or a surviving Mandalorian enclave -Extensive RP dueling system -Loads of weapon options with a component system to improve damage/accuracy -A ton of force sensitive content such as abilities and a force pool system
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Ruston server pvp and pve Rust Language FR ES PT
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Gaming | Entertainment
This is a company server for the upcoming MMO New World. Come join us if you are a Covenant and want to be part of a Company in the game! :D
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Gaming | Community
The general concept is for everything we do in the server to be self-contained within spawn. Each player kills mobs for their loot in exchange for emeralds. They then use these emeralds to purchase armor and weaponry. They then fight in the PvP arena that is routinely & masterfully updated.
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Community | Gaming
Hi! additive [EU/NA] is a new friendly gaming community. Within this discord, you'll find multiple channels for different games, people from all over the world to meet and become friends with, and helpful staff that is here to help you with anything you need.
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Gaming | Community
xWoW is a Progressive WOTLK PvE server
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Le serveur discord Picastorms est un basé sur l'entraide, le social et le multijoueurs sur Ark Survival Evolved et Minecraft. Si vous rencontrez un problème en jeux et voulez des informations nous serons ravi d'aider, si vous vous sentez social ou que vous rechercher d'autres joueurs c'est parfait.
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► The Cluster - Our cluster contains each of the following maps: The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Ragnarok and The Center. ► The Portal - Get access to your dino's coordinates, stats and breeding status, as well as full tribes logs, all from your browser. ► Loyalty Points - By playing on the server you will earn Loyalty Points, which you can use to purchase content from the Loyalty Store. ► White and Green Beacons - We've reworked these to drop boss tribue and alpha trophies. ► Cross-Cluster Chat - /allchat is global across the entire cluster. /allchat is also available in Discord. ► Rebuild Kits - If your base is destroyed, you can apply for a rebuild kit to get you back on your feet. ► Bloody MMO - An MMO plug-in to compliment your progression with periodic rewards as you level-up your skills. ► Tribe Ranks - Based on the size of your tribe, you will gain different rates on the server. We’re not trying to make solo-play viable, but at least more enjoyable.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Key To Heaven is a 2D MMORPG that will shortly join Steam!
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Gaming | Community
Dreierpasch Communityserver - Play your game as you want ! Keiner muss, jeder kann - ob nun gemütliches Survival, spannende Fights oder das Übernehmen einer RP-Rolle! Unser Server bietet Euch viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten. Handverlesene Mods, sorgfältig gestalteter Content sowie kompetentes Servermanagement zusammen mit einer überaus sympathischen und fairen Community machen einen Besuch unseres DayZ Servers umso lohnenswerter.
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Gaming | Community
•Towny • Custom Biomes • Dungeons • Custom Weapons • Fly Vouchers
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I watch a ton of anime, and I occasionally play video games. I enjoy playing FPS games with zombies, mutants, aliens, and monsters in them. I only like PvE.
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Gaming | Streaming
The Dead Return (TDR) for DayZ SA has been running since August 2019 and now with Namalsk! TDR for A2:DayZMod has been running since March 2016 and the and is still the best Vanilla+ server around!
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Gaming | Entertainment
WorldWide Mcpe is a bedrock Minecraft SMP community that has focus on Economic, PVE while also having PVP aspects with events that occur weekly and RPG like features such as quests and dungeons. We're unique realm due to the fact we have 30 players on at a time (using xbox friends system) unlike 10 slot realms and that we support mobile, windows10 users, switches, xbox and PS4.
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Gaming | Social
We are a dedicated modded MC anarchy server; always welcoming new members; feel free to join and invite your friends!
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Gaming | Entertainment
We are a PVE Server, family friendly and community based. Growing steadily and plan to expand with a new map and more soon. Come join our growing community where everyone has a say and we love to meet new new faces!
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Gaming | Community
HomeLand is a family-friendly simple survival community with a strong focus. We strive to provide everyone the best atmosphere and survival experience in our community. All staffs here are family-friendly and know what they are doing. If you like semi-vanilla this is the right server for you.
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A new Destiny LFG and Community server for people who don't like the harsh and toxic environment some larger servers may have. Its also community ran and fully transparent so any changes we make or you would like to make will be announced and made clear.
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Welcome to THE WORLDS END SURVIVAL. The snow has melted !!! Our server owner Rhino 360 has spent countless hours changing up some areas on Chernarus. Come on in and check it out! We have very friendly staff to help you out if needed. You will not be disappointed. Find us on the DZSA launcher THE WORLDS END SURVIVAL. IP Port 2302 Just added—Survival missions with gold bars as reward ! Summer Chernarus PVE only - no KOS -1st & 3rd person - 60 slots. Weekend base raiding. Defend your base Custom built areas by our server owner RHINO -NEAF upgrades, Zaprudnoe train wreck, Rostoki train wreck, Tikhiyzaliv construction site, crossroad village, Wolf Castle, VMC additions, Skalisty Island, Compound Z, and the underground mine Some mods include -Green MNT Trader/Heli trader/pelt trader/Outpost trader -Gold bars -Mustang -TrailBruizer -No crash Helicopters -Flip transport -Car cover -Windstride Clothing -MVS gear -HellRetex Additions -GoreZ
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em-vindo Sobrevivente ao mais novo servidor de discord voltado para comunidade do ARK! Aqui você pode; • Conhecer pessoas novas • Entrar em tribos • Expandir seu conhecimento sobre o jogo • Participar de eventos e sorteios • Recrutar membros a sua tribo • Convidar pessoas para acumular pontos e trocar por recompensas • Se divertir Este servidor de discord e voltado pra comunidade BR, but we also like foreign people, you can talk with the staff, if you have any questions or problem.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
VSC Valheim -most popular server in Europe Very active admins & community Freshly wiped clan-based PVP and PVE Server PVP & PVE Quest´s on PVP Server Individual Quest´s for PVE Server Weekly Events PVE and PVP Arena Server Event Server Selected set of mods like epic loot, creature level and loot control and some more QOL mods Server side characters & AntiCheat Discord Shop with ingame stuff Support in EN and GER and much more
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Deepfield is a sandbox RTS set in the tiny world of microbiology. Playtest now on Steam for free!
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Gaming | Investing
Eternal Blossom is a PvE survival server. We strive to keep everything fair, honest and fun for everyone. We preserve your survival experience and do not allow attacks or grief. *Survival *Creative *Shops *Ranks & More
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KooK Patrol is a chill Destiny 2 clan, we play all aspects of the game, always looking for cool chill people to play raids, pvp, pve, weekly bounties, quests together and overall just hang with good people. Mainly a PC server but have members on all platforms. As the server grows there will be nitro perks, give aways, carries, etc.
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Gaming | Community
We are a clan of gamers that are full time workings adults, parents, and/or military vets that enjoy gaming and have fun doing so. We understand that life happens and sometimes you need to take care of your home and family in the middle of the game. We get that you have a life outside of the game and that at any moment while you are gaming that your family may need you and you will have to step away for a bit. That is ok, we understand that. We strive to help you game and take care of your family. We have been helping our community grow for the past 2 years and our Motto is Life happens. If you want to join, follow the link below to join our discord. Anyone is welcome to join us!!