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A Rainbow 6 Siege server who's purpose is to bring players together for ranked and etc.We are hoping for active player to join and help us grow. Thank you for choosing Team Stryker!
Communauté Francophone active possédant un clan Destiny 2. Rejoignez nous !
Hi! additive is a new friendly gaming community. Within this discord, you'll find multiple channels for different games, people from all over the world to meet and become friends with, and helpful staff that is here to help you with anything you need.
Above and beyond is the home of Destiny 2 sherpa and streamer AboveTP, if you are into destiny 2, rather it be a avid die hard destiny 2 supporter or a newcomer feel free to come stop by.
Above and beyond is the home of Destiny 2 sherpa and streamer AboveTP, if you into destiny 2 rather it be a avid die hard destiny 2 supporter or a newcomer feel free to come stop by. Dobrodosli u najbolju balkansku zajednicu, na zalost, sa najnesrecnijim imenom na svetu! Heroes Of Balkan je otvorena zajednica za sve ljude sa nasih prostora, koji su zainteresovani za bezbriznu, opustenu zabavu i igranje.
An LFG for Destiny 2 on Stadia
Hallo Hüter! Willkommen bei den Hütern des Skarabäus! Egal ob erfahren oder unerfahren, du bist jederzeit Willkommen. Du kannst unserem Clan beitreten und zusammen mit uns Raids, Strikes, Quests oder auch Schmelztiegel Matches absolvieren. Oder einfach auf unserem Server nach sympathischen Leuten zum Zocken suchen. Dir steht alles offen!
Terran Gaming Veterans is a community of PC gamers, largely English speaking, spanning across the globe. Our community and our affiliations have grown in recent years. We're now offering a discord server. Simple rules, little restrictions but administrated.
Destiny 2 Clan server | All the clan members are welcome :D
Israeli Destiny 2 Community
Hello My name is Paw! I stream mostly Ferst person sh ooters but love games in general! Our server is for anyone that may want to keep up with my streams and or play with me or anyone in the server! please be kind and respectful and welcome to Paw's Casita!
Discord server for the multi-game social gaming community, The Senate.
A chill destiny 2 community LFG and clan, primarily xbox,
My personal goal is to create something for the community, for fun. Nothing too serious, but i am committed to helping others and actually utilizing teamwork for everything in Destiny 2 and maybe even Halo for PC. So, if this thing even works...(and i hope it does) then welcome, players. Currently in need of decent staff. Rules in the server. We cherish respectful team-players, raiders and goofs, jesters, stoners and grinders.
Hello and Welcome to Relax&chill we are a small server looking to just make People Relax some and Chill with us .We also play game like Titanfall2 on PC and Xbox well on the PC side of thing we Play Depp rock Galactic,destiny 2 and rainbow 6 siege.All are welcome to join us
Hardcore Destiny 2 clan with active leadership, nitro perks, an evolving atmosphere, and a unique rank structure. We beat every challenge Destiny threw at us, so we're making up our own, much harder, challenges--and we're beating those, too. Curious? Come find out what Autarkeia's all about.
A customizable social gaming server geared towards keeping you updated on your favorite games and meeting new people.
The Official server of
TrueUKGamer Streams Discord Server, Friendly place to join other gamers!
A server for the dedicated and casual Destiny 2 Players! Get any help you need or find your next squad right here! Happy Hunting!
A Server for every game, as seen by the emotes those are the games we have chat rooms and voice rooms for. We update often and are always looking for suggestions!
Iconic Vanguard is a community primarily based around Destiny 2 and bungie.
Es un server de Destiny 2 principalmente pensado para la comunidad de pc. En el cual se podrá juntar la comunidad de Destiny 2 y así poder ayudarnos como competir entre nosotros
Wir sind ein Deutscher Discord Server der immer neue Leute sucht zum Zocken.
If you're looking to join a respectable community this might be the place! Its small for now but with your help it'll grow.
Gaming server mainly focused on Fortnite and Destiny 2. However we play many games such as call of duty, CSGO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and more. If you’re looking to make friends for chill or competitive play join up. We could always use more friends to play with.
Feel free to join!
This is a gaming (D2) / meme/ social/ anime/ nsfw/ trading hub server.
We're a small collective of friends and other friendly strangers just looking to have a good time, make memes, and enjoy our youthful days. If you'd like to join the Squad, grab a snack, relax because you're going to be staying for a while ;).
A Destiny 2 discord server to find fireteams , find clans or just to get daily/weekly/eververse/xur (and more) reset information. Come along.
Destiny 2 focused gaming server. PC, PS4 or XB1
This is a Indian server of Destiny 2 Game. Suport- LFG , Clan Req , Self Promotion , FAQ and many more. Destiny 2 Game related everything will be allowed here. Self Promotion are allowed (only for Destiny 2 related). You can find your Fireteam. A lot of Voice channels. Join and check other facilities. Thank you (^^)
Destiny 2 group looking for new players to raid with and expand our clan with experienced and new players!
Small gaming community with monthly themes and channels to put random things in. We play mainly FPS games.