Team Mythic's Destiny RP is based in the world of Destiny 1 & 2 (Expansions aswell), we are currently in need of active roleplayers to make our roleplay flourish. Custom gear, enemies and even custom EXPANSIONS are abundant in here.
Comunidad Hispanohablante de Destiny2
Streamer server for Herclacules the Stronk. You'd join if you were cool.
This server is for people to relax and join other gamers to play games on PC. This is also a discord for my YT and Twitch channels! I'm always looking for people to join me on my streams so come join now 😄
Wir sind ein deutscher Destiny 2 Clan, der sich darauf konzentriert, dass Team-Play und guter Umgang untereinander vorhanden ist. Zusammen schließen wir Raids, Gambit- und Schmelztiegel-Matches und Strikes ab sowie auch jede andere Mission und helfen uns gegenseitig beim Erreichen des maximalen Lichtlevels. ^^ Dabei darf Spaß nicht vergessen werden, da es bei jedem Clan ein führendes Element zum Zusammenhalt und zur guten Atmosphäre dient. Wir nehmen Mitglieder ab 16 Jahren an. (Suchen Mitglieder!) Ihr könnt uns über den Discordserver - Gut Gespielt [GG] - Destiny 2 - erreichen. Wir sind auf den folgenden 3 Websites vertreten: - - -
Legion Perfected is a new and upcoming clan within the gaming community. Our goal is to create a home-like community that works and plays together, regardless of who you are. If your a staff member or not, professional or new, we want to just make sure that all of you are valued within our community and that all of you have an important role with us. We look forward to seeing you join us and to become the people that make us who we are!
Ein Deutscher Destiny 2 Discord Server mit Veteranen, die seit Destiny 1 Tag 1 dabei sind. Wir helfen gerne Neulinge, die ins Destiny Universum neu einsteigen.
Really good gaming,memes, jokes server
Nice chill hub for destiny 2 players.
Hey welcome to Jadeiet Nation! Home of the salty son Lennka and a cool place to see what me and my friends are up to and streaming!
Destiny Fan? Searching for a great community? Look no further! Join us here on Destiny 2 Memes Community to have a chat, find people to play with and check out news, videos, memes and more!
Quite a few of you know us already. But for those that don’t. Rising, KindredStark and Dreamersdie have been gaming buddies for a while. We love gaming and love meeting new friends to play old and new games with. We decided it would be a great opportunity to open our own gaming community that lets gamers from all sorts to get together and find both new and common interests. To break it down as simple as we can. This server is a warm and welcoming place for people to meet and make new friends they can share their love for gaming with. Have a new game you’re interested in and want to talk to others about it? Join us. Have a game you’re hardcore grinding already and want to find someone that’ll join you in the adventure. Join us. Just started a new game that’s overwhelming you working on solo. Join us.
Texamec’s Wild West is a laid back Destiny server where we mostly chat, LFG, post art, and share memes. All platforms are welcome to join the server and feel free to join the clan.
Selamat datang di server Oranjenos Gaming!! Server ini fokus kepada game Destiny 2, Apex Legend, dan Monster Hunter World. Ayo, bergabung dan ajak teman-teman kamu untuk bermain bersama dan grinding bersama di Oranjenos Gaming Destiny 2 Clan : Link discord permanen:
Welcome to the most active, curated and well-developed Destiny RP server online to date! Join fellow Guardians or Eliksni and embark on the story you will help create; your actions will have weight on the future. We feature: - A setting that follows the events of Destiny 2, evolving as the Seasons progress. - The possibility to roleplay canon characters. - Tryouts to join the Praxic Order, Peacekeepers or Vanguard Scouts! - A revised and new Fallen setting, with its own story. - A detailed custom equipment system to create armor and weapons straight out of the game! - Custom Subclasses: evolve your Light together with your equipment!
DestinyTheGame is a community with a focus on Bungie's Destiny and Destiny 2