Realm of Gaea is a collaborative project founded by Hestia and can be supported by subscribing to our Patreon or purchasing our merchandise.

Q: Why should I support this project?

A: Sick and tired of toxic gaming communities? Stereotypes and spaces that make you feel uneasy as a gamer? Would you like to feel more involved as a content creator? The Realm of Gaea offers all the positive benefits above. We host weekly events for members who would like to relax and develop new relationships! Check out the events channel for more info. Give yourself some fantastic roles today at assign-roles and start chatting with us in general ?

With your help and support, the team can host podcasts and post high-quality supportive YouTube videos. We’ll also be able to host global in-person events for giveaways, exclusive VIP booths at conventions, and so much more!

Please stick around and chat with us!

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