We are happy to announce the launch of our Academy Gaming CSGO server for US and EU! @Members @CS:GO

As a bit of an event and celebration for the launch we will be having a challenge for the month of January. The top player on the leader-boards for each region at the end of the month will receive a CSGO Weapon Skin worth close to $20. There will be a winner for US, EU, and Nepal based on whoever gets first place on the leader-boards at https://stats.academy-gaming.org/ , I also will be giving the winners VIP on the FFA servers permanently. We are only awarding prizes for the leader-boards on FFA/DM servers, but we have both FFA and Retake servers in all regions that can be played.

Find the servers on the CSGO browser by searching for Academy, they will be easy to spot. They also are in #💻╹csgo-servers Good Luck to everyone that participates!