A Rust server community. Server-specific information can be found at Community missions, information on how to connect, donation information, and more miscellaneous information can all be discovered on our website at
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Game & Discord RULES: • ADVERTISING IS NOT ALLOWED​ • Respect admin and players alike. Spamming and/or posting offensive material, doxing, real life threat, toxic behavior, racism, or NSFW content will result in a ban from Discord. • Do not @ admins or @ everyone in the text channels. • Please no links, as there are scary websites out there. • Do not call out cheaters in public chat, as that can cause them to toggle off making our job harder • REPORT HACKERS TO ADMIN ! Not in that chat otherwise they will toggle off • Don't be an idiot.
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NEW Rust Community Striving At Creating Pure Fun Madness, With Our Custom Maps, Plugins, & Fun!
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We host a Rust PC game server & community!
Gaming | Streaming
Lithuanian Rust Vanilla 1x rates server. Wipes weakly on monday. Website:
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Rags to Riches a 5 group MAX limit Rust server. Join us for a custom, action-packed, fun time! 3x for both gathering and components
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Gaming community currently focused around rust. We also focus on dark souls, and are open to any game in our community!
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A new Rust server community Discord for our World of Decay servers. feel free to join us all our server information can be found here to join our rust servers.
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➱ Welcome to Wavy.GG - 2x - Solo/Duo/Trio Weekly, a chill Rust community server that welcomes everyone! We have a welcoming and kind staff who can help you with any questions or comments you have, so don’t be afraid to ask them! We also offer many things within our server, read below to know some of
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Hyperbolt is a company that creates games for people to play on! We currently have a completely vanilla server active for you to play on!