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We put the FUN back into POLITICS. If you’re looking for chill conservatives to just hang out, have a good time and talk politics, WELCOME HOME!
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Community | Beliefs
This is a new server summed up in it's entirety by it's name. It's under construction so please be patient, roles will be coming soon. Feel free to share your input in the suggestions channel.
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Community | Technology
The Project Hero Studios discord is a team server for the members of Project Hero Studios where we work on games with a noble purpose as well as a community server to help grow a community of fellow engineers, designers, artists, and more who believe in preserving family, faith, and fundamental virtues. Whether you'd like to join our studio or discuss projects with a group of devs who share these values, we'd love to have you!
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The BothSides server is a political server that focuses on many types of political matters on which you can debate. On our server we accept all type of ideologies (yes, even the more extreme ones) so that we can manage to get an understanding of all types of mindsets, but it's really important to b
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Political | Beliefs
Political USA is a server where we have debates and conversations about US politics. We focus mainly on politics but we also talk about other things. We will accept you here so long as you are respectful to the mods and the other members.
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Political | Meme
We are a community of people who enjoy memes and politics (mostly right-wing but left wing people can join too). We also have channels for conversations about other themes. This server was created for the community of @slavic_primitivist on Instagram, but everyone is welcomed here!