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Vanilla Survival Minecraft Server for the political community Politicord! Server IP: /
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BICH LASAGNA is a no rules discord server! Free for all! RUSSIA!
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A server for politics, With the goal to share ideas and viewpoints. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek the agreement of ideas through thought experiment and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies. We're working to keep this server from devolving into a toxic and unhealthy community, please be respectful of others and our group.
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Political discord for
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Join this server and meet a new community members and get involved
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This is a server for Young Republicans. Here you are welcome to express your Right wing opinions without fear of Liberals. This server is also for gaming, and having a good time.
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Hello! Welcome to LIBERTYS Hammer, I would like to invite you to join my discord server. In this server we are trying to make peaceful, supporting and fun community. This server is mainly an casual/political server. We want to bring people who love politics and game lovers together. There is no judging allowed in this server so be yourself!! Here's what we have to offer: -Memes -Fanfiction -Friendly staff -Food Porn -Music - NSFW -Role Play -Political Chat - Custom Emojis A place where we can be free to speak. However, do not exaggerate the use of bad words please. A place where you can shout in the voice channel as loud as you may. There is Freedom!! MERICA!! We hope you'll join. Thanks! 😊
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Do you wish you could vote and make a difference? When the next US president is being decided, I will cast my vote for who you decide.
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Discord's largest politics server for right-wing discussion with over 16,000 users. Join for active debates, AMAs, shitposting, and general discussion.
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Hey! We are a Discord server centered around US Politics. If you wish to discuss Politics among other things online with others, this is the server for you!
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Place to discuss politics, primarily United States focused, but other country discussion is allowed. Left, Right and Centrists are all welcome. Note: Official successor to Neco2040's ill-fated political server
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Talk politics or hang out
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Celebrating the Freedom to be Transgender
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Are you interested in politics? Do you like debating? Then The Political Room is the server for you. We are a politically based discord server who’s goal is to be the main stream for political debaters. Yes, we offer voice chat debate too. We have tons of roles to choose from, ranging from your political party, economic ideologies, and other specific ideology roles that no other group offer. - We are active - We elect admins, moderators - We accept everyone of any ideological belief
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we have a lot of happy members a
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You start as a citizen. You can run for city council, mayor, state rep, governor, representative in the house, senator, president, or in the supreme court. You also can start a news organization or lobbyist company.
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Welcome to Debate Central! Our server is focused on debating topics such as religion, politics, drugs, or any other topic you can think of. At Debate Central people of all backgrounds and ideologies (Including Neo-Nazis and Neo-Fascists) are welcome as long as you follow the rules. There are 200+ roles to choose from including political and religious roles. We also have things such as levels, level rewards, nitro boosting rewards, and more! The server has just come out of Beta and is fully released! Join today and I guarantee you will have a good time. Newest Update: • Group Chats Added • New Animated Logo • 10+ Emojis • 2 New Moderators • 50 levels giveaway • More
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This server offers: -Daily VC's -Friendly and fair moderation -Freedom of speech - you will not get banned for any political sentiment or any word you say! -A fun and friendly community So join, and meet people with different ideologies from Marxist-Leninist to Monarchists!
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Conservative exclusive / politics / debate / current events / daily news / real world engagement / streaming / knowledge / education / training
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Politicord focuses on providing an unbiased place for people of all opinions to discuss their views freely while promoting peaceful discourse.
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The BothSides server is a political server that focuses on many types of political matters on which you can debate. On our server we accept all type of ideologies (yes, even the more extreme ones) so that we can manage to get an understanding of all types of mindsets, but it's really important to b
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A political debate server with a side of shit posting
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WELCOME TO THE TRUMP RENESSIANCE! This is the land of right-wing paradise! We are a center- to real-right aligned, conservative and libertarian political server dedicated to Donald J. Trump and the US Republican Party. As a moderate right-wing server, please respect our platform as a right-wing community and engage in appropriate dialogue. Additionally, we are not tolerant to fascists,  communists, the "alt-right" and other fringe extremists promoting their views here. Non-extremists who aren't Trump Supporters will be roled appropriately and may remain on the server as guests in their own area, provided they are respectful and do not cause a nuisance or break the rules. We encourage you all to promote the server to other Republicans, Trump Supporters, and Conservatives that you know, and to promote Trump's 2020 presidential vision wherever you can. "We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag." -- Donald J. Trump