Z-Axis Labs Community Changes December has brought forth a flurry of exciting updates, and I've compiled a concise summary to keep you in the loop about all the noteworthy changes. Don't forget to gain access to our full server you must head over to ⁠roles-and-rules and accept the rules by reacting to the correct emoji. If you have any trouble using the community and you have done this feel free to open a support ticket or DM me directly.

Community Challenge Our first challenge has been posted! 🎉 Check it out ⁠Solstice Challenge '23.

Collaboration Center ⁠📢╏collab-seeking Find team members for your projects and connect with other members.

⁠📌╏self-pitch Showcase your portfolio and services, making it easy for others to discover and reach out.

⁠💸┇hire-someone Looking to hire? This channel is your hub for finding skilled individuals for short or long-term gigs.

Content Showcase Introduced a new feature: If a post receives enough ⭐ reactions, it will be showcased in ⁠⭐╏upvoted-post.

Channel Organization Reorganized most channels for better accessibility. Added new channels to cover a wide range of topics related to our community interests.

Support Ticket System Revamped our support ticket system for a more effective resolution of any issues you may encounter with Discord or orders.

Feedback, Polls, Surveys and Suggestions ⁠💭┇feedback-fiesta has established a system to facilitate your active involvement in shaping the future of our community.

Sticky Roles Enabled sticky roles feature, allowing members to retain their roles when leaving and rejoining the server.

Moderation and Server Safety Implemented new changes to enhance moderation efforts and maintain server safety.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events! 🚀✨