Projects, DIY, Programming, Webdev, Gamedev, Robotics, Electronics crafting and repair, and more! Come see and find out all the projects that will inspire you!
A Discord Community for Digital Systems Design. Hi everyone, After looking around for an existing server for this subject and finding nothing I have created a new Discord server for anyone passionate about homebrew cpu's or other digital systems such as VGA display drivers, Sound Synths, or just about any other thing you can think of. There are text and voice channels both. The intent of the server is to be a community where people of any skill level can just get on to hang out and talk about the digital world, help solve problems people may be having with their projects, work on group projects, link helpful resources related to digital design, or just share their own work. Digital hardware of every level is talked about and worked on. I hope we can form a strong collective of like minded people to take some of the burden out of the wonderful hobby/career of digital design.
we talk about fashion, music, games, tv in this server electronics and politics is also a trending theme here too vcs are held regularly and everyone is new so don't be shy ! have to be 13+ to access the server and no furries pls :)))
A community server for people interested in the future.
Electronicity is a place to discuss about electronics in general, as well as 3D printing, coding and many other interesting topics and share knowledge and project ideas! It aims at gathering people interested in new technologies and do it yourself (diy) making: most of the members here are hobbyists or professionals, willing to help beginners and to share their projects.
A community of electronics students, enthusiasts, professionals and all who like electronics! Come show us your creations, projects, and offer advice or ask advice from others.
Welcome to the Apple Discord Server! This is made for anyone that gets Apple Products to talk about their experiences and share things that can be improved. There are support channels, picture channels, chat channels, offtopic channels and even a meme channel. There are many things you can do in the server such as be a Support Agent, News reporter and there are things you can do with our server bots. This is a new server and your support is needed
Community for WowWee robots, such as the Robosapien V2 and RS Media