Gaming | Streaming
A place to hang out because you follow me on Youtube or Twitch!
Art | Technology
The First Non-Violent World Art & Tech Lab to BUILD Viral Techy "3Dprinted" Interiors&Buildings! 🍄🌎👽 Architecture on a whole new artsy level!
Technology | Design
3D printing community focused on Prusa printers but all 3d printing enthusiasts are welcome.
Art | Hobbies
3d printing community
Technology | Community
TOP 3D printing discord server. Join and meet great makers and designers! High skilled people and fun guaranteed by 3D World official. Doesn't matter if you are beginer or profesional. We are open to everyone!
Art | Hobbies
A friendly arts and crafts community for everyone! We have channels for knitting, crochet, drawing/painting, 3d crafts, origami/papercraft, food art, jewelry, ect!
Community | Technology
Welcome to the 3D Now Community Discord Server! We are a group of makers that loving talking about 3D printing and helping others! We have many experienced members that are very knowledgeable and always willing to helping out beginners. Also, we have multiple channels to chat about 3D printing, tech, projects, buy/trade, and more! Join our inclusive community of makers to talk about anything and everything 3D printing!
Community | Science
A builders playground to share your latest projects, discuss techniques with others and support beginners on their first project.
Technology | Hobbies
A helpful, friendly 3D printing community server. Also has channels for home automation and other fun tech-related topics.