Programming | Education
A Discord server for discussing the GNU Emacs software.
Crypto | Community
Gulden has superior crypto technology, has more than 100,000 users and one of the safest blockchains out there. It's also decentralized and open source! You can earn Gulden by witnessing or mining on an ordinary desktop PC. Better than your current savings!
Technology | Community
A general discord server for Perth, Western Australia. We have a mix of gamers, technology and free software enthusiasts, cryptocurrency users+traders, and more! We are easy going and inclusive. Rooms are mirrored on, Perths #1 public Matrix service.
Gaming | Programming
Team Fortress 2 Vintage is an community created, open source version of Team Fortress 2.
Gaming | Programming
Official Discord server for OpenArena. OpenArena is an open source fast-paced FPS game.
Financial | Programming
The bitconnectCoin Community & The bitconnectCoin Have Moved Beyond The Failure Of The Centralized bitconnect Platform.
Programming | Support
Le serveur support du Bot Discord Atlanta ! Ce bot est Multifonctions et propose plus de 70 commandes ! Sur ce serveur vous trouverez aussi plein de programmeurs qui pourront vous aider en code ! Rejoignez nous !
Design | Gaming
Mapping (Level Design) server for everyone who interested in Cube Engine family.
Programming | Gaming
Share and Serve for Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION!!!
Programming | Business
Open Source Software and WordPress conversation
Education | Technology
We are a nonprofit providing links to quality, freely available educational resources: courses, how to's, practice platforms etc. We provide sources for various fields and focus extra on computer science and cybersecurity. Want to create your own project? Come talk to us about it and we'll make room for it on the server!