We are dedicated to making friends and helping each other out. I want to make sure that everyone is confertable in coding and enjoying there experience. They're different chat rooms for different languages. You can share you work or talk about it etc. I hope you enjoy our server
We are dedicated to making friends and helping each other out. I want to make sure that everyone is confertable in coding and enjoying there experience. They're different chat rooms for different languages. You can share you work or talk about it etc. I hope you enjoy our server
Hi, JHTech Discord is a discord server oriented around everything tech! In JHTech discord, we have: - Lots of amazing bots (w/ one designed around tech-related features) - Amazing and friendly staff - Tech support if you need help with anything tech related - Lots of amazing emotes - A great non-toxic community - Lots more! So yeah, see you there!
Hello, 》If you were always been interested in learning new things 》If you were passionate about discussions 》If you can learn better through discussion this server is for you.. Here we get to contribute what we know and let others contribute their knowledge to us. And ask questions to get clarity of thought by leaving the confusion behind. We also encourage co-operation and connection by sharing our personal lives to form long-term friendships through genuine understanding.
|Selamlar| 🎩, Welcome to "Horizon" We're a small but friendly and less active gemütlich community,We offer you great bots! and friendly community with bunch of new friends to make and hang out and such,We also got rep-rep system "We're working on our own bots" We talk about anime-games-tech-even political discussions!,We offer you level up roles! bunch of candies related and mature and immature are both welcomed to our small from the outside but big from the inside community!
TrustUnion is an inviolable, decentralized, tamper-proof cryptographic protocol and open database with an easy-to-use interface. It guarantees the integrity of real-time unlimited transactions through an innovative proof of weight system. TrustUnion’s novel protocol transforms the real-life trust into the first digital, immutable one through the blockchain.
Tech Talk is a small, growing community dedicated to the discussion of all things tech. We have channels dedicated to various things surrounding hardware and software such as PC build guides, and software development channels and if there's anything you don't like about the server; we accept suggestions and assuming we don't absolutely hate your idea, it will possibly be added.
Linux & Technology Kingdom is a Technology server with a focus on user support for any Operating system including mobile , Linux, Daily tech and Linux News we have a friendly community and 100 Emotes Join today and get a free cookie ^_^
Welcome to the STEM Discord! This is a warm community focused in bringing individuals together to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We ask that you do your best to be professional, kind, understanding, and a humble contributor to this community, and we're glad to have you!
Conversation about computers, consoles, gaming, robotics all future past and present technology. We also have gaming channels, music channels and rank system.
Welcome to Gamers Life Features Gaming Music Anime Technology You'll even make new friends here as well We're also looking for partnerships
A smol, comfy place that tries its heckin' best to be upstanding and enjoyable.
A smol, comfy place that tries its heckin' best to be upstanding and enjoyable.
Mexican community server for meeting new people, conversing, sharing common interests and incurring on joint activities such as gaming, parties, meetups, etc. We welcome diversity and strive to make everyone feel welcome and included. Banter is ok, but intolerant or hateful speech is not allowed
Server main created for Gaming, Technology and much more. Many bots that make's you happy. So much voice and text channels for chating with other members of Discord Server. Gaming rooms for members that love games like LoL, MC, CS:GO, GTA V, Fortnite and other cool games.
CK's Technology News is a toxicity-free community that is made for people to hang out, make friends and to have a good time. - It's the only Discord server which truly respects your privacy! - - Encrypted channels - Giveaways - Tech News - Coding discussions - Security & Browser related discussions - Link sharing - Ethical hacking - Self-assigning Roles & Voice channels - CyberSec topics
Community server with active members, great female to male ratio. Focusing on esoteric topics such as the occult, religion, and technology.
A programming community open to everyone. We've members interested in game development, web development, and everything between.
Welcome To Camping Castle! We Are A Community That Primarily Focuses On Having Fun. We Have Gaming, Anime, Tech, And Other Great Channels Where You Can Discuss Any Topic That Comes To Mind. Anyone Who Joins Will Be Given A Big Chocolate Chip Cookie As A Token Of Our Appreciation For Joining.
Innovative, Unstoppable, Excellence! - Bunch of self assignable roles, bots, channels - Non-toxic and toxic channels - Sports, technology, music, role-play, NSFW content, content creators, and much more - Feedback, emotes, roles, channels, events, etc -No idea is too dumb, or too great!-
Looking for a medium sized community of scambaiters? Looking for help with virtual machines? Looking for help calling scammers? Do you just want to chill? Well, our server is the perfect place for you. Here we have all kinds of bots for entertainment(Rythm, GamesROB) and usually at least 20 people online! We will see you there!
A growing server with a wholesome community and some fun activities.
The Ocean Project is a small but tight-knit community built on fostering close friendships and bonds amongst our members. We welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds! Gamers, Weebs, Furries, and others are invited to this safe haven. Toxic people are not welcome. Otherwise, it’s a hella wholesome time. Our server includes: * Active VCs * Friendly member/regulars * Server events * Self Assignable and Ranked roles * NSFW dedicated channel * And more!
We aim to make this community a nice and friendly place where no one needs to be afraid to ask stupid questions. https://discord.gg/jS6nFHZ
😈 🦋 🍑 ⁂INFO⁂ 🍑 🦋 😈 ✪ Gaming, debating, anime and memes ✪ Selfies, artwork, cosplay, food-porn, pets ✪ Vocie Channels (Gaming, Music, Karaoke) ✪ NSFW channels, for the kinky people (18+) ✪ Bots (Pokecord, WaifuBot, Dank Memer, Groovy, GiveawayBot, Avrae)
A place to find your needs for social media boosting, accounts to various things, cheaper alternatives to popular services, money exchange, lottery, and giveaways!
We're a tight-knit community of gamers who believe in making the world a better place. We support charities close to our hearts, host giveaways, and are always looking to meet friends along the way!
We are a public server focused on astronomy, astrophotography and nerdy space talk! You will find a lot of active astrophotographers / astronomers on this server, together with a self-made astronomy bot that can analyse images, show weather forecasts, give informations about astronomical objects, etc... Are you an astronomer yourself, or just want to learn / talk about space? Then this server is for you :)
Our server is a small, simple community that I and a group of friends set up. You may talk about anything here but we mostly play video games.
gamers online! a place for us
**Welcome to FurTech!** We are a fairly new furry community seeking new members from all over the world. Our server has recently been re-opened and we‘ve got quite a lot of things to offer. We have channels for different topics such as art, cons, games, and technology. There are self-assignable roles and the Rythm Bot for listening to music. SFW only - You don’t have to worry about checking messages in public etc. Our server has a relaxed atmosphere and our staff are friendly. We‘re a tolerant and drama free community looking forward to a bright future - Be part of it, join today! :3
This server aims to provide a welcoming community with a relaxed atmosphere for it's members to share various types of media and enjoy the company of others.
Community server based on edgy humor and other topics. Enjoy this dumpsterfire xd
Particl is a decentralized and privacy-focused ecosystem supported by an open-source platform built on P2P and blockchain technologies. The Particl ecosystem is composed of 3 core aspects: an untraceable currency, a decentralized marketplace, and private Dapps. Particl is built in such a way that it also accepts many other cryptocurrencies. The first official Dapp is the Open Marketplace, a private-by-default decentralized marketplace where anyone can buy and sell anything for crypto without requiring the intervention of any third-party or intermediary. The Particl Open Marketplace operates at virtually no fee and provably ensures that all of your personal and business data remain private and are not collected by any party. Also check out: https://www.particl.io/ https://www.particl.news/ https://www.particl.wiki/ https://twitter.com/ParticlProject/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Particl/
Just Paws and Furs ┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉ Welcome to Just Paws and Furs! A furry community server! Just Paws and Furs is a Furry community discord server, who wants to bring furries together, to make new friends or possibly family.
A *mature* & comfy anime-based server based on airing anime of the current season and a focus on discussion. It has minimal usage of bots, little channels, and a focus on anonymity. Also a place to talk about technology. Anyone can join but Linux and/or tech-savvy users highly welcomed.
Welcome to Radium/hub! We are a great community without toxicity, raiders or trolls. Here's what we do have: gaming (we will be hosting tournaments), technology (software and hardware, you're welcome no matter your skill-level), fresh and dank memes, and great staff and moderation. So join us now and enjoy!
Hello, join the worlock server, we are a group of people that are interesting into games,art, technology and many other things, we are a friendly server that is open and caring to everyone no matter who they're, we have a channel dedicated to learning french or chinese mandarin and even japanese, we also got server for those that are into game dev,coding, you can also self promote for example your youtube video or twitch streams, we also do giveaway, and we do debates, there's many things to do in this server and we're open to suggestions
Hello! Hydro Flask is a cute server! The name was for the meme but its welcoming and friendly! Goal is 100 members! We do gaming, vcs, art competitions, etc! Server created Auguat 17th 2019. Lets see how much we grow in a year : ) Pop in and say hello! Reactable roles and more fun things! Also hint hint theres e-grills here ;) and e-boys!!
AIMLAC is a Community of Science and Technology. We are a community dedicated to science exploration and technological innovation! Our members range from High Schoolers, University Students, Postgraduates, as well as people from diverse backgrounds. Using Discord, we're able to maintain a community for sharing scientific discussions, research, and meeting new and similar individuals who are interested in academia of science. We also have gamers channels.