A smol, comfy place that tries its heckin' best to be upstanding and enjoyable.
A smol, comfy place that tries its heckin' best to be upstanding and enjoyable.
ReVera Industries Roleplay: The year is 2084, one Nation dominates the globe with its technological might. Based on cyberpunk and dystopian fiction, tackling the modern themes of privacy and big tech.
The home of the Alee Productions community. We give updates on our projects that we work on (such as Unicity, QuantumNet and AleeBot). We are also a civil and calm community too :)
It's a server with a shit ton of bots. Join if you want to use my collection of bots.
The Wired Corner is a public Discord Server where a variety of lains, hackers, cyberpunk enthusiasts, artists, programmers, tech enthusiasts, outsiders, and the paranoid and disillusioned meet to discuss cyberpunk literature and culture, privacy and security, science and technology, art and design, drugs and dreams, and personal experiences. Our goal is to provide a venue for new ideas to emerge as we explore the strange territories of the present and the near future and to provide a space where we're comfortable being ourselves. We support free speech (even if I disagree with your opinions) and we like to shitpost.
The Tech Community is for Technology enthusiasts, NERDS, and GEEKS.
Are you looking for a brand new Discord server that is focused around Video Games and Technology? Have you been banished from servers in the past and are looking for a second chance? Then this server is for you! We offer a wide spectrum of opportunities. - Moderators and Admins well-versed with technology ready to help at a moment's notice. - A social-credit-score program to tell the good from the bad. - A second-chance program for previous offenders to create a better name for themselves. - A peaceful community with minimal rules. - A chance to start from the absolute bottom and end up in the Admin ranks. If this sounds like something that you would like to participate in, join today! Once you join, message Cryptosleep Theory#1337 if you would like any more information.
A technology discussion server with a focus on programming. Growing community with help, join!. We also don't take drama, immaturity, and bullshit.
We are a photography discord looking to help improve everyone in there photography game.
We are dedicated to making friends and helping each other out. I want to make sure that everyone is confertable in coding and enjoying there experience. They're different chat rooms for different languages. You can share you work or talk about it etc. I hope you enjoy our server
We are dedicated to making friends and helping each other out. I want to make sure that everyone is confertable in coding and enjoying there experience. They're different chat rooms for different languages. You can share you work or talk about it etc. I hope you enjoy our server
We make games, we roleplay, we've got what you want, what more could you ask for? ;)
Sussex downs radio link is a global open chat community network radio style channel on zello and linked with discord. Topical conversations or just general chats throughout the day. If the channels are quiet just a simple hello is usually enough to get something started. English speaking and no swearing on channel.
Look to get your website or webpage made? Or do you just need some help with a project you are working on? Join our server to receive both free and paid assistance for all website, WordPress, and programming tasks.
Zyke Network is an organization of developers and hosting lovers, who aim to provide top quality services with great support.
Добро пожаловать в Млечный путь! Мы рады всем пользователям, какими бы они не были! Наша главная цель - обеспечить вам комфортное и приятное времяпрепровождение. Все наши пользователи приятные в общении и очень приветливы, вы явно сможете найти с ними общий язык. Наши правила не строгие но их стоит изучить. У нас нету кучи ненужных ботов мещающих общению, исключительно самописный бот длч которого отведен отдельный канал. На сервере простая навигация по каналам а также добросовестная администрация.
Server to talk about Technology of any kind. Server has just been created so don't expect any fancy stuff.
Find the perfect discord bot for your server on Crystal Bot List, or list your bot for others to find.
Welcome to Track 44 :wheelchair: Our focus is to provide a place to hang out and talk about whatever, whenever, and to collaborate or shitpost. Feel free to dive into a specific topic inside a channel or have it random and general in the main chats. We give our community members all-access to practical and sweet perks like; -Dedicated Game Servers, if it's hostable, we can host it! -Random giveaways for games, hardware, and anything anyone wants to pitch in. -Your own @track44.moe email address. -24/7 Music Bots and Radio Stations. -Group gaming/watching, and voice parties -Surprise launches like Mastodon
Alunite Community is a fun, friendly and laid back server with minimal rules for your and your friends to have fun and chat.
Welcome to Tech Central! We are a technology and coding focused growing community. We have plenty of bots including: Mantaro, Tatsumaki, Dank Memer, Rythm, Discord Miner, MEE6, Unbelievaboat, and very much willing to add more! We also have public voice rooms and private ones(2 slot), a music room (Both Dyno or Rythm can be used), and much more.
Simply Engineered is a technological hub for all things software, hardware, bleeding-edge, and more, with everyone included as well. We have multiple ranks, but are just starting out. We believe in bringing each other to the top, teaching those that are interested, and providing knowledge to everyone.
~ NEW rapidly growing community! ~ Nitro boosted server! ~ Actual Giveaways! ~ Inclusive chat and VCs! ~ Image Perms from entering! ~ Level roles to ensure engagement! ~ Very open and welcoming to change! ~ Open to any type discussion! (This server is not suited for those who are easily offended, you are warned and welcomed!)
Architect. A server in which programmers and technologically interested individuals may come to discuss, chill, share ideas, GitHubs, snippets, projects and learn new things everyday. We are a new server just recently opened and are looking for people who will enjoy learning and sharing. Feel free to come along!
Whether you're a student or just interested in learning about any of these subjects or related fields, this server is for you! Feel free to start/join in a discussion in any of our subject-related channels or just chill in any of our general ones.
For individuals to find individuals interested in working with each-other on projects, for any sort of reason. Be it programming, statistics, mathematics, penetration testing, etc. Also a great place to hangout with people of similar interests! Come join us, we'd be glad you did.
A server for any game developer.
Hello! Welcome to the D3XTER's Official Discord. We hope you enjoy your stay here!
Within this community we are seeking to bring like-minded individuals together to have meaningful conversations about the topics we love. What we offer: - Multiple Reddit Channels - Currently Three Core Communities - Self Assigned Roles - Friendly Chill Environment ❌No E-Girls/Dating ❌No Drama
[ RƎD House ] is a server where the objective is to bring together a community of people with different interests and perspectives. This is a safe place where everyone can come together to just talk about anything and chill out. We are aiming to make our community a safe and friendly place where our members can join and easily find and make new friends with people of similar interests. We are a small community at the moment, but we hope in the future we can grow big enough to share this great experience with others.
Infosec is a friendly community with people interested in technology. We love to learn and share our experience with newcomers This Discord is mainly focused in hacking & programming, but we often just have chill conversations with each other
Чат айтишников на айтишные и не только темы.
All about tech, games and crypto coins. We do talk about other stuffs as well, it's a server for techies to chill and chat together. Join us now!
The First Non-Violent World Art & Tech Lab to BUILD Viral Techy "3Dprinted" Interiors&Buildings! 🍄🌎👽 Architecture on a whole new artsy level!
CodeSupport is a community dedicated to giving guidance about coding, as well as creating conversation with one another. No matter your skill level, you are welcome in this community - all we ask is you follow the rules. We provide a platform for like-minded people to share their ideas, projects, and skills.
Come join the brotherhood/sisterhood, we will help you build your networking skills and create a lasting bond that goes beyond streaming.
Custom Discord bots for sale.
Servidor focado em estudos, enem, vestibulares, concursos, idiomas, tudo.