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A server just about everything
Tech , robotic , kpop , Midzy , Blink , games , music and many more
also check out our giveaways
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About Server

A server just about everything
Tech , robotic , kpop , Midzy , Blink , games , music and many more
also check out our giveaways
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If we get 100 active members, there will be a nitro giveaway

** So join now you may be the winner **


  • what is this server about?
  • This server is most about electronics and robotics and coding also other things like giveaways, games, free stuff, fun, cool GIFs and emojis and many more
  • do you have a website?
  • https://hightechrobo.com/
  • can i apply for staff?
  • yes by typing ea!apply staff-apply in #🤖bot-commands🤖 you can apply (closed)
  • ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  • you can give suggestions with .suggest in #🤖bot-commands🤖 and your suggestion will appear in #🛠suggestions🎮

  • chat with others to get roles
  • if your level be
  • level 12 = @Vip
  • level 23 = @Mvp
  • level 69 = @Mvp+
  • level 96 = @God
  • level 120 = @Lord
  • level 199 = @Overlord
  • you will get the role automatically by @Maki#4920
  • you can cheek your level with .rank in #🤖bot-commands🤖

  • invite members to get roles

  • if you invite

  • 10 players = @Vip

  • 20 players = @Mvp

  • 30 players = @Mvp+

  • 40 players = @God

  • 50 players = @Lord

  • 60 players = @Overlord

  • you will get the role automatically by @Somi 🐈#2031 or @Invite Tracker#0478

  • you can check your invites with *invites or -invites in #🤖bot-commands🤖

  • the bot may not work so create a ticket #🆘ticket🙋

  • that's all have fun also

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