Gaming | Social
A discord community for the 3D adventure game 'Woodsalt'. We do Jackbox, gaming and social events. Follow the development, make friends and have fun.
Art | Programming
To help in your procrastinating ways and bring a social aspect to those lonely tasks.
Programming | Support
Proj Hub; a server for developers, receive help and criticism, promote your projects!
Bot | Anime
Gaming | Programming
In Our Discord Server We Have; -- Streamer's -- Gamer's -- Programmer's -- Verified Seller's (of all sorts of things) -- Sponsor's -- Troller's -- Youtuber's and more!
Gaming | Design
A community of gamers, developers, and content creators. We all love to have a good time, play games, make games/game products, and just chill.
Community | Social
A discord waiting for people to join and hangout with us! Anyone can join! Looking for staff members!
Business | Design
Overspeed Development was founded by Overspeed#9532 on August 16th, 2020. Overspeed Development is a really fun server to be apart of, and we have a lot of options to buy from. Overspeed Development has 2 things currently for sale, one being FiveM Custom Textures, these are Textures for LEO Vehicles for your FiveM Server and you will list a picture of what the livery should look like, can be from IRL, and we can negotiate on a CHEAP price. Overspeed Development also has custom handmade discords for sale, you can either show me a example, aka another server you would want it to look like, or just tell me, exactly, what roles, what text channels, and what categories that should be there, and for a extra $5 , we will put a bot in your server and will already have your rules, welcome message, and be all setup through out the server. We hope you will join Overspeed Development because we are trust worthy and hoping to be a popular server one day!
Community | Gaming
Meme Man Central is a chill community where no toxicity is allowed. We are relatively small currently (8/24/2020) so it would be nice if we had you! We have developers, gamers, and chill people. Have fun!
Programming | Technology
We are a small and friendly developer community. Ask your questions and help other users. We support many programming languages. Our main chatting language is english but there are also german channels. Have fun!
YouTuber | Technology
Well...... STF means SharkTheFish...... I own a youtube channel called SharkTheFish!
Design | Community
Intros, outros, banners and photo editing stream Panels and more.
Programming | Community
Nebula Development is a new community for all types of developers!
Community | Programming
A community with a focus of helping and having fun with people. Anyone is welcome to join us! Please come and chill! Invite your friends! Have a nice day!
Programming | Community
A Chill server for developers | Giveaways soon | Come here to talk to all kinds of Developers.
Community | Technology
Global Developers What is this server for? Many people face problems and riddles when it comes to programming, but to minimize this headacke we decided to start a community from scratch to help everyone from their scary riddles. But I am not a developer No problem, you play a significant part too. You can see how all applications we use for granted are made under the hood, learn how to program, or even better, get help from the community. If an open source program may be unstable and you'd like support, we can help you, together. The server is crazy small, why? The server is now in its infancy, and due to other servers targeted for developers only favor donators and pretty much bail the core essence of what a community truly is, we decided to start from 0. We're not programming geniuses, we learn just like you, but we also want to promote the fundamentals of minimalist, ethical and open source development, because we believe that programming is for everyone, by everyone.
Programming | Support
Hey, Welcome to The Python Community! Here you can find Some Awesome Codes and Enjoy VIP Membership That includes: Lessons, Codes, Bots, Programs, Tricks, And Much Much More Fun Stuff. Enjoy!
Technology | Meme
Friendly development-based server open to all kinds of discussion!
Community | Technology
A friendly TikTok server. 🔷 Somewhat active chat (we're getting there). 🔷 Custom Bot (24/7) with active updates. 🔷 Purchase views (or get free views) on TikTok 🔷 Active Staff. 🔷 Full of developers. 🔷 Custom Economy 🔷 Giveaways.
Gaming | Programming
A server to talk about games and game development.
Community | Entertainment
Hello, this is the coolest server you ever delt with. We are an active community of cool people. If you want to talk to cool people youre at the right place. Only cool people are even allowed to join the server. If our complicated algorithm thinks you are cool enough you will be able to join. (That's why not that many are on the server already) I wish your best on trying to join. If you made it, ill see you on the other side! Bye :)
Gaming | Support
The indie game developer, creator of Mr Boom's Firework Factory, TriviaBot and Sporks!
Anime | Gaming
Indie Game Developer for Visual Novels, JRPG's and other waifu related games!
Social | Entertainment
This is just a fun hangout chill place! We have a lot of topics here on separate channels. And a lot of fun bots! And a really good nice wholesome members. I really hope you have fun! We are still growing tho.
Gaming | Programming
If you are searching for a developer or a map maker, then 09U-Dev is worth taking a look at, we are server developers for hire. ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ 🞂🞂 We Offer: 🟆 Full Server Development (This includes: Rocket or OpenMod, Permissions, Workshop Mods, Plugins, Configurations, Optimization, Discord and Server Connection, Custom Workshop Map and more!) 🟆 Quick Services (This can be an installation of a plugin to a simple configuration) 🟆 Server Troubleshooting and Fixing (If there are bugs regarding Rocket or the server not working properly we'll help you!) 🟆 Custom Map Making (We'll make any type of map, but keep in mind that this takes time) 🟆 Custom NPCs (Want some custom NPCs for your map? We make that too!) ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ 🞂🞂 Methods of Payment (Prices are to be discussed on scene) 🞛 -PayPal 🞛 -Skins (Depends on the price and rarity) 🞛 -Steam Cards (Depends on your location)
Gaming | Programming
devzone was made by the developers of spacebox.
Design | Programming
Chat, share your creations, and get help from other developers!
Community | Gaming
Hello! We are a small Minecraft Community. We love to Play with Mods or Online on Private and Public Servers. Love it too? Then join our Discord Server and find other players Hope we see you on the Server!
Technology | Community
Welcome to Visual Studio Community! Visual Studio Community is a place for all types of developers to discuss about coding, development & Visual Studio! Anyone can be a part of this server! and here we also help people who have problems regarding programming too!
Programming | Design
This is a server where you can join and see all the progress before my game gets released.. and where you can ask for coding help
Design | Gaming
Our server is about the community and the fun doing what you are doing and helping and creating things with each other and of course making that money. We play and have fun and we hustle at the same time. If you know how to edit, program, play games, photoshop, develop games or if you know how to have fun Welcome.
Technology | Programming
We love creating Software/AI/Games and anything computer related, come join us and share your own projects.
Welcome to Garage Bugs, where we are determined to make many awesome games we are also so frendly!
Technology | Programming
The ultimate Developer hangout!
Gaming | Entertainment
Servidor Oficial del estudio de novelas visuales
Technology | Gaming
Developer and gamer lounge.