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Welcome to Ultimate Advertising! This server is the hub to advertising your server and getting members!
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Want Free Or Cheap Netflix? 10 invites = Netflix Free or get up to 80% off on our Premium deals. Ever wondered How to get Netflix for free? Well look no further, we giveaway free Netflix accounts and also sell them at cheap prices (up to 80% off). These accounts will never fail hence we are offering lifetime warranty according to the plan you have purchased as we can guarantee your account will be never fail! These accounts are not like other accounts as we own them outright! Other people crack them and offer you terrible accounts that have no lifespan. Our free service is part of our invite rewards program linked to our discord. It is your job to invite 10 or more members (the higher you getter better plans!) to get get netflix completely for free. Additionally we also have a shop: https://shoppy.gg/@emiya Which is for those willing to receive netflix ASAP! Here I sell netflix for extremely cheap prices ranging from $4.99-$35.99
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At our server you can buy almost everything. Games, subscriptions, gta 5 accounts and recovery etc...
Social | Mature | Community
An official Discord-partnered server with regular Discord Nitro giveaways, a custom bot and multiple premium bots which is also looking for staff members and partnership managers.
Community | Gaming
A Community server With giveaways, Music bots, and Nice People! We are currently building the server! Join now for a Nice time
YouTuber | Mature
The Ultra-Friendly Frens Club is a wholesome yet awesome server where a certain wholesome individual gathers his true supporters in true harmony and peace.
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Penguen Satış Resmi Discord Sunucusu, Ucuz Minecraft Premium Hesapları!
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We love having new people, and we can't wait to see you here! Also, remember to subscribe for our FREE Premium feature! see you around!
Community | Support
A discord server about cracking, with giveaways, useful tools, leaked programmes, drops, bins, tutorials, amazing people who will help you anytime and a lot more!
Meme | Bot
This is a Dank Memer focused Server that mostly focuses on robbing others.
Entertainment | Gaming
Full boosted server, premium bots, crossnation, everybody can make friends of different nations, camp systems and much more that we will not want to spoil.
Bot | Programming
This is a support server for our discord bots. Join to receive updates, feedback and support from our staff members.
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Just join , you guys will love it , doesn't require anything to join and try out
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✨ Crystality ✨ We are a Multi-Gaming community, for all gamers! We have game specific chats and self-assign roles, perfect for the true gaming experience! Be sure to drop by, we'd love it if you join us! Made by gamers, for gamers
Business | Investing
we are selling accounts from different games and apps. we're doing giveaways from that games/apps...
Gaming | Social
The Stomping Grounds is primarily a server focused on Marvel Strike Force, but has a good amount of public channels, music channels, and more. MEE6 is premium, more premium bots on the way and open to suggestions. If you've ever thought to yourself, "It'd be cool if there was a Discord that...", then come on over and finish that sentence. Whatever you use Discord for, let us be your stomping grounds.
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Premium Content for you <3, join if u wanna see some nice pics from us. It cost nothing , just join en see it by youself <3
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