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Um lugar para você, que fala português e tem paixão pela escrita de fanfictions!
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It's a multiverse of stories
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Isn't it lovely how the snow falls so slowly?
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Hey Kids The V O I D is now open for business and believe me I know its hard starting a server up so if you want a place to come and chat then join plz. Music is enabled and you can bring friends to make this a better community. Thanks anyway- Oli
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Promote your story here now!
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Server for Users of Wattpad
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The ''Fiction Fantasies'' discord server is a versatile community server for any aspiring writers, readers, or everybody in general. You may also host your own series or discover new titles personally written by members.
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Wattpad Server.
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Do you want writing feedback? Writing critique? Writing promotion? The writing room discord does all of those things and more! Join a friendly and engaging writing community that is eager to give feedback, advice and critique. You can even self promote your work to the growing audience using our promotion channels! Writing contests are held periodically to show off the best writing our discord has to offer! If you want to be the next winner, just join and give it a shot. Discuss various topics in chats when you aren't writing, with a friendly, safe, and growing community. Join The Writing Room, and stop writing alone today.
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Welcome to Planet X. I hope you had a safe journey before landing here. You can find here friends from any corner of the World. We are mostly users of in the server. But if you don't use Wattpad, that's okay too. We welcome everyone here equally. ❤️ Our community welcomes writers,readers, artists, graphics designers, food lovers and more... It's just a place to make new friends and talk about your favourite things. ✷ An active and growing server. ✷ Organized catagories and channels. ✷ There are rules and you must follow them. ✷ Reaction roles to choose. ✷ The server is currently controlled by only the owner herself. ✷ Friendly environment. ✷ Different channels for playing with bots. ✷ If you are a wattpad user, you can get to share your stories. ✷ Bunnies are also welcome in the server. Just kidding. I just love bunnies 👀 And there's so much more in the server. (The server is really new.)
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Æ Café Grab a cup of coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵 and come sit with us! Hi there! We are pretty much a new aesthetic & cafe themed server- with many roles to choose from, friends to make and giveaways to get! So why not join us? We have events once every two weeks, and get your very own custom role!