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The ORC is a fairly new server for people who'd like an organized place to discuss books and make friends! Our goal is to build a friendly community of people to have quality discussions with, about reading, books and other stuff in general. - A dedicated Monthly Book Club and a member-based Buddy Reads system. - Neat and Organized database for keeping track of all your past/current/upcoming reads in the Server! Group by date, genres, authors, and many more! - A Custom Bot specifically made for Book Clubs (Scheduled for release soon!), along with other Bots for Leveling, Utility and other fun commands! - 80+ channels ordered neatly for all your reading needs. Channels for authors and genres both! - Other community related channels for a lot of stuff such as art, writing, music, gaming, movies and shows, etc. Come join us!
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The Book Cryptids is basically a chill place to talk about books. The staff wanted a place where we could talk about books with our fellow book lovers. We are 18+ to prevent any issues and we are also LGBT+ friendly! * We have plenty of bookish related channels for you discuss your favorite or least favorite books. * We run readalongs on a 3 month basis giving our members enough time to get the book if they do not already own it. * Buddy reads are encouraged plus we provide you with a channel to discuss the buddy read! * We are 18+ and LGBT+ friendly! * Other channels include tv-talk, game-talk, writers-corner, and etc.
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We're striving to be the biggest discord e-library for all your ebook needs. If you're looking to share, download, or discuss, this is the place for you!.
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Under construction...
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This is mainly a server for talking about the book Yokosunai Phantoms on wattpad. Also for talking, sending memes, anime talks and more!
Writing | Art
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
Writing | Art
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
Writing | Education
A small sever for discussing books, writing, and other creative outlets!
Role-Playing | Writing
Decades after the battle of Hogwarts, most professors have retired except for Headmistress Minerva McGonagall. Throughout these past few years, many things have occurred. Hundreds of secret passages have been discovered by both the Ministry and the professors, some of them keeping these passages a secret. There have been several scares recently as remaining Death Eaters have began to attack the muggle world, leaving the Ministry's Aurors to deal with both the witnesses and the dark witches and wizards. Hogwarts has remained on high alert and have several Aurors constantly on patrol. Dueling classes have began at Hogwarts for students to defend themselves against a potential dark arts user. Students are even allowed to to spar in the training grounds as long as there is a professor observing or one of the aurors who are meant to guard the grounds. The ministry tries to keep everything normal at Hogwarts, keeping their events on track such as the Triwizard tournament and other such thing
An online book club with an active community that discusses our love for books. We have monthly read-alongs, book swaps, read-a-thons, and more (for 18+)
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Henüz düzenlenmekte olan bu sunucu, tamamen eğlence ve refah amacı ile açılmış olup, her geçen gün gelişim gösterecektir. What awaits us on this server? -Fully colored roles -Specially prepared rooms -Continuous giveaways And more!
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The Glade is the area in the center of the Maze that serves as a living place for the Gladers. The Glade has four large Walls that separate it from the Maze. Each wall has an opening in its center, called the Doors, that close every night and open every morning. Outside the Glade lies the Maze with twisting and turning paths that contain horrifying creatures called Grievers with other monsters alike. In this server, the maze is below a covert WCKD headquarters in New York, unlike the books. Your story can start in the Glade, or as a WCKD operative. The choice is yours. Welcome to the maze, Greenie. Can you escape? ~ We have channels for all your memes/pictures/videos ~ We have channels and bots for you to play with! ~ Join us! We'd love it if you helped out server grow! Swing by! We don't bite!
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Have Fun :3
Writing | Art
A place where writer's can share their work and make friends! Here you can: - Share your work; - Do sprints; - Make friends.
Anime | Community
A community server for webtoon,manhwa, and manga fans.
Art | Writing
Servidor focado em literatura seja recomendações ou debates sobre o assunto.
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━━━━━━━𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓛𝓲𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓻𝔂━━━━━━━ The Library is literally just that. A Library. Here, you can browse our existing collection of E-books, upload your own, or request a book from our staff. We also have an optional "BIG DATA" section of the server to find or share political, economic, social, and scientific facts and stats. Grab that source quick next time you're in a debate.
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Dobrodošli! Ovaj je server namijenjen svima Ovdje mozete dijelite svoja djela epska lirska drama crteži, glazba ovdje također možete pronaći nekoga za igranje FANDOME: Harry Potter Fablehaven Percy Jackson i mnogo drugih