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A chill, Star Wars themed and based server with roleplay.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
This is a small RP server which is based on the idea that humans, after the earth is destroyed, move the population into the planets of our solar system. Being millions of year later, we have the technology to thrive in our new homes.
Entertainment | Community
THE SCI-FI DISCORD / Discuss your favourite sci-fi movies, books, tv and games! Hang out, share recommendations, artwork etc. Regularly updated spoiler channels for new releases and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Channels for comics, collectors, animation and more. Star Trek: Discovery channel open now!
Role-Playing | Technology
A cyberpunk city run by five joinable crime families, be a hero, or help the city burn.
The year is 5542, twenty years after the United Federation arrived at Pandora. Tensions have been rising between the United Federation and The Confederacy of Pandora, after they splintered off in 5534. The planet itself is inhabited by strange hostile creatures, and no known species can breathe the air, other than those creatures. Because of this, both the United Federation and The Confederacy of Pandora have constructed cities protected by atmospheric shields, which provide some protection against multiple forms of attack, but cannot take heavy fire. There are aincent structures left behind by a mysterious civilisation, containing technology more advanced than anything anyone has seen before. The Confederacy of Pandora wants to use this technology for themselves, and the United Federation is not so sure about this and believes that the technology should be left alone, at least for now.
Writing | Role-Playing
A roleplaying server set in a sci fi fantasy with plenty of god's, realms, monsters, species and anything you could ever ask for in a coherent original lore codex.
Technology | Military
Sci fi rp server that's open to new ideas. We're welcoming to all, so don't be shy, I don't bite.
Role-Playing | Social
Many, many years ago, there was nothing. Then, there was something. A young goddess in search for some meaning, so she began to create the Expanse, a world, and.. life. Her name was Kina, and she was a beautiful goddess who would walk amongst her people. Until she couldn't anymore. So, she moved on, but so did her people. They reverted to violence and war over their differences, and Kina became so distraught, she left. She turned her back on them. Many years later came the storms, and nearly all life ceased. The violence was returned with violence by the world they lived on. Soon, the people began to change their ways, and they joined together to rebuild their broken world to be better than it was before. Soon, the world became beautiful, and all was well. The people named their new world.. Oraedu.
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Hello everyone! We are a friendly, growing community for adventure, high fantasy topics and gaming. We like to text-chat and voice-talk about things related to fantasy books, movies and games. May the power of the Maiar be with you!
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Tired of the 'active/one word' conversations? Join the LLAP-Lounge for Sci-Fi, Sims & Music - E-Mag Styled with Live Gaming Updates, Tech Crunch, & Sci Fi from multiple sources also the Live Now Channel for popular streamers. Sims mods & cc bulk rss feeds as well! (needs the sims role on joining).
Community | Gaming
A SciFi gaming Fan Discord, General SciFi, Star Trek and STFC Discord.
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to Pandora, a big continent, full of open space, and opportunities. A place where the most advanced technology clashes with the most fantastic magic. Pandora is a small roleplay server, with expanding lore, where you can be (almost) anything. A place defined only by the creativity of its inhabitants. Come have fun, a place where your char can not only live, but shape, create and transform the word. Almost everything is permitted. So what are you waiting for? Disclaimer, we have rules. We are not barbarians. The server is strictly 18+