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Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe your YouTube? Maybe you want to find servers to join? Or even, just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!
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Growth | Business | Education
Looking for a place to advertise your server in? Or maybe your YouTube? Maybe you want to find servers to join? Or even, just looking for a place to talk? AYS is the place for you!
USS Joshua Norton 🖖️ Icon
Role-Playing | Writing | Entertainment
Community for a Starfleet Intelligence collaborative writing RPG, set in the Star Trek universe.
The Sanctuary Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
In the future, or maybe the past, there was a war. A horrible war that was predicted to end all life. Bomb shelters and preservation projects went underway. Almost everything moved underground to prepare against the inevitable nuclear detonation from both sides. 70% of the world population was wiped out, but the world rebuilt itself below ground with one global government lead by representatives from each underground dome. Now, there is a Sanctuary for those who live in the shadows. Hackers, theives, and conartists alike. The only rule in the sanctuary is everyone is treated with the same respect as everyone else.
✩ Space ✬ RP ✩ Icon
Role-Playing | Science
Space RP is a SFW, non-fandom soft science fiction roleplay server. Not a map game or related to any video game servers. Alternative Invite:
Core-Exiles & Project Terran Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
Core Exiles is a PBBG based Epic Space game. You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser-based games, CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset.
Unión ICIO Icon
Writing | Community
Servidor oficial de la Unión ICIO. Escritura de nuestra ficción, comunidad, compartir arte, forma parte de un servidor que busca crecer. Es también internacional, así que encontrarás a muchas personas de otras naciones. ¡Te esperamos!
Star Trek Pre 2008 Icon
Entertainment | Community
"Make it so!" For fans of TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise! If you like Discovery, this server probably isn't for you. Everything Star Trek after 2008 is prohibited. You are also not welcome on this server if you specifically label yourself as a republican. Instead of sending hate message over that warning, consider using the time to rethink your ethics and place in this world.
First Draft Assassins Icon
First Draft Assassins. Your writing sucks, we can fix that. FDA is a writing focused Discord server for serious writers looking for serious feedback. We don't care about your politics or feelings. We're all equally worthless. What we do here is writing, plain and simple. - Get tough love criticism from people who know words cannot hurt you. - Mold your cringe medieval fantasy world into something people would actually read. - Chat with actual adults who deal with life. - Strengthen your writing craft so you can go where you want. Here at First Draft Assassins, we know your story is your baby: precious and perfect in every way. That's why we take your baby and chuck them into an industrial grade meat grinder before firing them into the heart of the sun. Leave your ego at the door, and tell your self doubt to get irrumated. Welcome to First Draft Assassins.
Star Wars Fractured Force Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
In a galaxy far far away The Republic is in turmoil due to years of rampant corruption and crime. The Jedi have been charged with keeping the peace in a Republic that continues to crumble under its own foundations. However in the shadows of bureaucracy lurks a foul presence. Dark times are coming will you stop the fire of the dark side from spreading rampant out of control? Or will you help the fire consume everyone. Or will you be a simple traveling merchant selling to whome you can? Or will you sit idolly and let the rampant fire burn. The choice is entirely yours. Be whatever you want. Choose your own destiny. Who will you be in this divided universe. •Cool bots for you to play with! •Tupperbox for roleplay •LGBTQ supportive community •Welcoming of anyone and everyone, From diehard starwars fan to the average fan! •Roleplay through the erras currently in clone wars era. Join in on big roleplay events, Play as your favourite starwars OC, create custom spaceships maybe even
Vanguard Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
Welcome to Vanguard, a sci-fi RP server based on semi-realistic worldbuilding, storytelling and cool science fiction fun. We're a brand new server looking for players, with the ultimate goal being that of writing a sci-fi book aptly named "Vanguard"! In 2201, there is little you cannot do. Go on a date with your AI boyfriend, meet a Ran Cosmocrat at work, discuss the best bagel with three Tau Orphans that speak at the same time, then take the space elevator to the ISS and a taxi to your ship. Pilot your mechanized suit around Europa's crust or be an ambassador for the North American Empire, the choice is up to you!
The Eternal Battle Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
A roleplay server featuring lots of classes and races with very loose character customization
The Matrix Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to the Matrix role-playing server. We are a plot and story driven role-playing server set in a post-apocalyptic/Cyberpunk science fiction genre. Please read our rules: server-rules channel-rules roleplay-rules before creating a character (obligatory)
The Grand Army of the Republic Icon
Role-Playing | Military
The Grand Army of the Republic Discord server is a fan club community of the Disney show "Star Wars The Clone Wars" hosted in the famous Steam game Garry's Mod. In this server we host Training, Battalion recruitment, and Combat events to give you the greatest experience that we can offer, but we are more than just a fan club community, we're a family, we care about the needs of each other, and don't worry if you believe us to be a super serious MilSim server, because we aren't, we understand the concepts of life before games and we respect that, if you ever need a break from the server, just contact one of our staff members and you'll get it, no questions asked. That being said, we hope you enjoy your time here, and thank you for being part of this amazing community.