Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Community for a Starfleet Intelligence collaborative writing RPG, set in the Star Trek universe.
The community server for a website RP set in the Firefly/Serenity 'verse. Valkyrie is a Firefly class boat, flying the black.
"Make it so!" For fans of the original canon and the newest addition, Picard!.
Nexeverse, Fiction, Universe, Science, Science-fiction, Reality, Work, Nexed Sayca Guarriore.
OUTER HEAVEN. A roleplay group based on science fiction and other things.
Core Exiles is a PBBG based Epic Space game. You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser-based games, CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset.
THE SCI-FI DISCORD / Discuss your favourite sci-fi movies, books, tv and games! Hang out, share recommendations, artwork etc. Regularly updated spoiler channels for new releases and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Channels for comics, collectors, animation and more. Star Trek: Discovery channel open now!
[RP|GMT/BST|SCIENCE-FANTASY] Take on the role of a member in a newly formed spaceship crew, with the purpose of tracking down the new and mysterious supernatural threat that is spreading out across the galaxy.
In the future, or maybe the past, there was a war. A horrible war that was predicted to end all life. Bomb shelters and preservation projects went underway. Almost everything moved underground to prepare against the inevitable nuclear detonation from both sides. 70% of the world population was wiped out, but the world rebuilt itself below ground with one global government lead by representatives from each underground dome. Now, there is a Sanctuary for those who live in the shadows. Hackers, theives, and conartists alike. The only rule in the sanctuary is everyone is treated with the same respect as everyone else.
Hello! This is Divided By Nature Divided by Nature is a Sci-Fi/fantasy roleplay server that I have developed over the course of 2 years, meaning it has a lot to offer and a lot of info, so be prepared. The setting is within the walls of a city known as Donum, far away from human civilization. Within it's walls are a subspecies of humans known as Kinetics, humans with telekinetic powers that range from telekinesis to spatial manipulation. In this world, you either live life normally, or fight for your freedom peacefully, or with violence. Choose your side and forge your path. We welcome other species as well, whether they are human hybrids or from another world entirely. Anyone can join in. We are a respectful and welcoming. We also include: •Gaming •Art sharing/learning/help •Character creation/help •Music •Voice Chatting/Singing •Rp learning/help •Nsfw (Private/ask) •Other RPs Hope to see y'all there.
Welcome to Galaxy's Strife! [Star Wars Roleplaying Discord Server] __ Set in the pre-Galactic Civil War era, the year is currently 12BBY. Through longform/paragraph roleplay, your characters (OC and Canon alike) develop the story and with enough action occuring in the galaxy, the year progresses which allows new threats and opportunities. With detailed, lore-accurate and varied characters, you can be involved in story arcs that you will read back more than once. An active mod team and membership, you can receive advice and critique to improve your roleplay and writing skills. [Roleplay lore is a mix of Canon and Legends material, making sure to use as much of either source as possible. Lore compilation documents (Google Docs) are available to make any further reading significantl
Hundred and twenty years after the First Contact, Starship Aurora is launched from drydock, with the hopes of many that her launch will usher a new era for humanity. But what the brave crew does not know is that the adventure awaiting them is something even beyond their wildest dreams.....
Welcome to Symbiotic Dimensions, a newly created server dedicated towards the interests, creation and world building of both scifi and fantasy original characters. Come join, we are eager to meet and find others of similar interests.
In the year 2199 the Earth was decimated by solar flairs, having predicted the disaster most humans evacuated the Earth years before, building large space-travelling-cities and soaring off through the stars. One such ship was called The Mother Vessel Domum, now, one hundred years later the ship has a new generation living in the city. The ship is farthest away from it's home that it has ever been, it is totally isolated from all the other ships in the fleet. The people on the ship have no interest in returning to the home of their grandparents, this is their home now, this is their story... This is the M.V. Domum.
The Torchwood Institute, an organization designed to hunt down and kill aliens who plan to do the Earth harm. The Institute's original origins are lost to time, but was reopened by Captain Alex Blake, a man driven by his vengeance and hatred of the beings who are not from Earth. Torchwood has risen like the phoenix from the flame, it will stand as Earths defender against the extraterrestrial foe... But is all truly as it seems? Is Torchwood the last line of defense? Or is there something darker afoot... This is your story now, how will you live it?
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