Community for a Starfleet Intelligence collaborative writing RPG, set in the Star Trek universe.
Spy Role-Playing Group! { 15+ | Action | Drama | Thriller | Mystery | Daily Life | Comedy } Our Group! > ------------------------------------------------- ~Role-Play involving art, writing and DnD elements! ~Enroll into the prestigious Kingsman Secret Intelligence Agency (based on the movies, yes). ~Join as a cadet and work your way though our training to become an agent! ~Includes over-arching group plot as well as majorly supported by user created stories! ~Take part in monthly prompts, events and a great, friendly community! A huge immersive world awaits for you to unlock it's secrets.. ~Dice bots.. we got em. :warning: NSFW channels.. we got em. :eyes: What else we got? Come check it out~ ~No mandatory assignments! Just activity checks :kissing_heart:
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