Community for a Starfleet Intelligence collaborative writing RPG, set in the Star Trek universe.
DPA is a new organization made to find and expose people and servers breaking the terms of service. If you wanna become one of our spies, you'll have to be able to become someone else. we want to expose pedophiles and go undercover on sketchy servers. you might think "Like this is gonna help anyone, there is too many creeps out there", well.. to me its worth it even if we only get to help one person now and then.
The StockMarket is a diverse financial environment, changing daily. We understand and want everyone to succeed and understand the way the market moves. Follow us for daily charts and trade ideas.
Wallstdaily I NASDAQ I Bulls
All Free Trading Discord, Veteran Traders and rookies all coming together to talk stocks forex crypto and all different types of investments. Bots that pull up custom charts with HEAT MAPS and more features. News, Plays, Calls, Data Dumps and overall just a great group of people to engage with. No verbal abuse or rudeness, bunch of traders going through the daily hurdles together.