Illuminate Entertainment is a talent, creative, & gaming entertainment organization. Our goal is to spread joy and positivity with our content. We have a great community of everything from gamers, musicians, content creators, and more. Join us and network through playing popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends with us! We hope you enjoy the content we have to offer and #illuminateTheWay!
Premier Star Citizen Organization, focused on all aspects and activities of Star Citizen.
Trying to start a gaming org on discord with current games being- Siege, Cod, Fortnite, Apex legends, Destiny and Rust. Other games can always be set up upon request and welcomed in the server.
Welcome to the Star Citizen Market Hub™! This platform aims to provide the majority of your trade-related needs in the Verse, in game and out, through direct services or regulated networking of contractors and companies.
We are an active political organization with the main goal of creating an alliance between south Slavic countries in a purely democratic way without communism.
Gaming Community with rank structure and competitive teams
We aim to build an active community of gamers who just want to have fun and grind
Sage Esports is an upcoming organization looking for great players to join us. We focus on connecting with people and helping each other grow together! Please feel free to join us if you're looking for a server that connects people!
An up and coming organization with Esports Teams in CS:GO, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege & Apex Legends. Sponsored by Fridai and Rogue Energy.
Esports Organization
Welcome to Assassin Pride! We are an Esports organisation led by Jake. We have a wide range of players, activities and games to get the community involved. Follow and join in on the conversation through our discord! We have: > Some of the Best OCE Players > Good Quality Content Creators What games do we play? > Fortnite > Rainbow 6 Siege What we have to offer you: > Active Staff and Community! > Open Staff Positions! > Giveaways and Events Coming Soon!