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A magically fun online book club with an active community, where book lovers can unite and enter magical realms or any realm of their choosing! We welcome readers of all kinds. In here you will find monthly readalongs, buddy reading, productivity/reading sprints, 24-48 hr readathons, and more... We love chatting about books and random nonsense. If you love all that, then join us! All are welcome! This is an all inclusive safe haven! Read, love, and pixie dust...
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The OBC is a fairly new server for people who'd like an organized place to discuss books and make friends! Our goal is to build a friendly community of people to have quality discussions with, about reading, books and other stuff in general. - A dedicated Monthly Book Club and a member-based Buddy Reads system. - Neat and Organized database for keeping track of all your past/current/upcoming reads in the Server! Group by date, genres, authors, and many more! - A Custom Bot specifically made for Book Clubs, along with other Bots for Leveling, Utility and other fun commands! - 80+ channels ordered neatly for all your reading needs. Channels for authors and genres both! - Other community-related channels for a lot of stuff such as art, writing, music, gaming, movies and shows, etc. Come join us!
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Welcome to your special place in the book community! The book cryptids is a safe space for people who want a small, tight knit community. We are going on our third year! 💫 LGBT+ and 18+ community 💫 Bi-Monthly readalongs 💫 TBR Challenges to help with your ever going tbr piles 💫 Roles based on cryptids like Mothman, Nessie, Kraken, and etc 💫 A lovely family of book lovers! I hope that you take the time to check out our server! We are always trying to improve and think of new ones to get the community involved. See you soon!
The Discord version of Reddit (basically every server in one). We have many topics like writing, news, books, and more!
An online book club with an active community that discusses our love for books. We have monthly read-alongs, book swaps, read-a-thons, and more (for 18+)
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Books, poems, plays, anthologies; we cover it all! Book club is for bookish discussion of all kinds!
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Welcome to The Midnight Cafe! This is a server for anyone who loves all things books and writing! We have a book club with a new book each month and even meet each week in a VC to discuss the book just like your normal book club would! We have channels to discuss any other books as well so you can find new fun books to read or talk about your favorites too. We have channels for writers to talk about their writing, get advice, critiques, and partners to work together. Or maybe you like to give advice and critique writing. We are also a very welcoming and accepting server no matter your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. You are welcome here and it is a safe space as we do not tolerate any discrimination. So grab a warm coffee, tea, or any other beverage of choice. Take a seat and relax with us. :)
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“Club de Lectura” ----- Hola, soy Chanci, si estas interesado en ser parte de un club de lectura cercano y pequeño, en el que siempre seas parte de todas las iniciativas y decisiones, estas en el lugar correcto. Este club de lectura tiene una estructura sencilla y muy cómoda, té cuento, que hay un canal para platicar sobre esas cosas inexplicables, que nos pasan a veces (a lo Sherlock) llamado (221b de Baker Street) o nuestra zona de auditoria llamada (el castillo de if 🏯) y otras cosas literarias. ¡Siempre priorizaremos TU comodidad y tus gustos, porque aquí viniste a pasarla bien!
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Bookclub for Indian community, join us participate in some fun readalongs and maybe play some party games with us <:
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