Art | Writing
IFTP Creator Corner for people who: create music, art, draw, paint, animate, sings, plays music instrument, writes, writes poetry, story writers, philosophers, craft makers. A place to promote your craft and find other creators to collaborate with and grow as creator.
Writing | Bot
Under construction, but ready to sprint in!
Writing | Art
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
Writing | Art
A Discord server for writing professionals and hobbyists to come together to talk about writing, craft, and improve our skills together as a community.
Writing | Community
Community of Writers, Voice Actors, Sound Designers, and other creatives sharing their passion for Audio Dramas and various other types of Podcast Fiction.
Community | Hobbies
A Different Heaven for those people from any fandom/community to talk freely with each other and no judgment, we try to keep in SFW and hope to provide a new way to positively chat.
Hobbies | Writing
It's a multiverse of stories
Art | LGBT
We have: ❤️ Creative/Misc events that YOU can host❤️ 🧡 Game Nights/Movie nights (and more!) 🧡 💛 Fun bots to play with 💛 💚 Multiple Self Assignable Roles💚 💙 Multiple organized channels 💙 💜Safe environment for everyone with clear enforced rules 💜
Writing | Art
A place where writer's can share their work and make friends! Here you can: - Share your work; - Do sprints; - Make friends.
Art | Anime
A small anime art-based community who welcomes all :)) This server aims to have a close-knit bond with everyone who joins!
YouTuber | Support
Are you a... - YouTuber - Musician - Artist - Writer - Or any other creative kind of bean? You should probably join the Creative Randoms. We are a community of all of the above things. Together, we share our work, get feedback, and talk about what we want to do with our creations. Most importantly, we hang out. Come join a casual server, and get some feedback on your projects!
Social | Community
Greetings everyone! We're a general public community Discord that has multiple channels for many different interests and have a penchant for dark humor. We also support content creators of all kinds and have specific roles in order to point them out. We value great company and act as a giant friend group that likes to just lay back and hang out, thus we look forward to you becoming a part of it. Hope to meet you soon!~
Role-Playing | Art
This is a roleplay server made for everyone, by everyone. It features Auto roles (Features she, him, they roles as well as literacy levels.), Roleplays Galore! (Fandoms, doodle rps, public rp, etc!), Private Roleplays (You and your friends can require a roleplay chat that can only be seen by you!)
Writing | Role-Playing
Welcome to The Midnight Cafe! This is a server for anyone who loves all things books and writing! We have a book club with a new book each month and even meet each week in a VC to discuss the book just like your normal book club would! We have channels to discuss any other books as well so you can find new fun books to read or talk about your favorites too. We have channels for writers to talk about their writing, get advice, critiques, and partners to work together. Or maybe you like to give advice and critique writing. We are also a very welcoming and accepting server no matter your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. You are welcome here and it is a safe space as we do not tolerate any discrimination. So grab a warm coffee, tea, or any other beverage of choice. Take a seat and relax with us. :)
Furry | Writing
A place for both fans of anthropomorphic characters and the writing thereof to gather!
Art | Music
Discover new music while doing a drawing or writing exercise -- welcome to Soundtracking!
Writing | Community
A safe and fun, yet also serious server for writers. Share, meet and have fun with other writers.
Art | Social
We are a social server with a creative niche. This place is one where visual artists, musicians, writers, actors, and people interested in the arts can collaborate, discuss, and coalesce in a bright community of like-minded individuals.