The Furry Agenda Icon
Furry | Community | Social
Here you can chat, share, and meet new furs! and have a good time. (Must be 16+ to join)/We provide various channels for SFW, NSFW, art, and games./We are a friendly community, where you will be heard and respected.
The Fishbowl Icon
Furry | Art
Friendly and welcoming, The Fishbowl strives to be a spot for newer and older artists alike, being able to learn and meet new folk of the furry community and overall have the best time possible. We're not also JUST an art server, but a social one too! We swear we don't bite...although you might become part of the Bowl Cult. 🌸Monthly Giveaways, Movie Nights & Events 🌸Verified Artists' role to advertise your work 🌸Token system! Be rewarded for partaking in events. 🌸Multiple channels for gaming, pets, shower thoughts, and sharing media. 🌸Interactive commands! You can bap your friends or give them a tasty snack. 🌸NSFW for verified 18+ members. 🌸More plans to add new roles, features, and goodies for the server in the near future! We're always open to new suggestions! We're a small server, but this server also serves as my own personal business server!
Art Commissions Icon
Art | Community
With thousands of verified artists by staff, specific drawing/graphical styles, we offer clients huge database of artists to select regarding commissions. Clients from E sports, Streaming, Companies, Gamers, Server owners updating their website and many more.
Artifact Icon
Art | Furry
If you are an artist, graphic designer, sell fursuits, or looking to buy any of those, this is the server for you! We are Discord's first furry based marketplace! (We also have channels for non-furry media, too!)
Galaxy Prime Icon
Art | Social
Galaxy is an art server catering to illustrators and alternative content creators!
The Park Icon
Furry | Art
The Park is a furry art based community. We aim to provide a safe place for both buying and selling art and have channels in which to advertise your work. Future plans include giveaways and contests. Come check us out! 16+ only.
Artist.Design Icon
Art | Streaming
The best community for Artists, and the best resource for Content Creators to find Artists to commission!
Cin's Creative Circle Icon
Art | Furry
A small server for art, friends and hangout!
Protocol VPN Official Icon
Business | Technology
We provide Military Grade Encrypted No-Log VPN Services : 1 Month - 5$ 3 Months - 13.99 6 Months - 24.99 1 Year - 39.99 Cryptocurrencies Accepted> We do Accept Resellers.
Cozy Space Icon
Art | Community
Art community of GlitchDaddy, NSFW+SFW art. Open to all art lovers/commissioners. Chill time, come hangout <3
The Art Forest Icon
Art | Tabletop
An Art x dnd style server for any artist, writer, composer, or any other type of creator! Even if the storyline does not entice you, you can still join and share your work amongst the masses. artists of any skill level of any medium are all welcome. We eagerly await your arrival!
Amachi's Palace Icon
Art | Community
We are a community of artists and content creators from a wide range of skill, be it writing, music, edits, and visual art! Our primary purpose is to provide a safe, friendly, and fun place for people to hangout.
VRChat Community 0 Icon
Streaming | Art
Mainly VRChat, IDLE Server + Get your chatroom to advertise, and check out these awesome creators to see if you're interested in anything.
Interstellar Icon
Anime | Art
🌟 Interstellar 🌟 💙Active Community (Somewhat, due to school) 💙Weebs, Artists, and Gamers united 💙Relaxed/Chill Atmosphere 💙Tons of Emotes 💙Active Owners! 💙Occasional NSFW 💙Suggestions channel so you help grow/improve this server 💙Come and meet new friends
Art & Commissions Icon
Art | Business
A Discord server dedicated for artists and buyers, we have +1000 members. you will find channels like Critique, selling, buying, advertising socials. and a great group of admins that are always willing to help. We welcome everyone beginners and learners to experts!
🐾Deutsche Furries🐾 Icon
Furry | Role-Playing
Ein meist dramafreier Ort für Furries jeder Art! Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an Emotes, Speziesrollen, themenbasierten Chats sowie eine entspannte Atmosphäre.