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Safe place for yanderes to gather without being judged or fetishized. Selfroles, Emoji, QOTD, Verification. Supportive community!
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welcome ホ映亜 To.... My little RP 畝ひャ. This is a community server that serves many purposes for the people, what do I mean by that? We have... 💮a share channel where you can share your pets, cats, food, links, and more💮 💮an entire free form role play💮 💮several bots such as userphone, pokecord, owo, Yggdrasil, and more💮 💮partner with any server no matter how many members💮 💮simple self roles as well as an introduction channel💮 💮simple verification for the lewd within you💮 And much more! Want something for you, all of you? Venting, bots, roles, roleplay, hobbies, and a server creator who listens to the people, Anime, manga, and more? Come join my little roleplay💮
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Hello! this is a server for people who have Netflix Party, Netflix Party is a chrome extension and we can watch movies together whenever you'd like!
Community | Mature
NOT A DATING SERVER! We are a growing "lovey-dovey" community server based on the idea, art and culture of love, romance, relationships, and similar themes. We provide a way to share your ideas about love and romance with like-minded people. We have professional/friendly staff and are growing extremely fast! Here are some of the things we offer! ✦ Love Quotes ✦ Relationship Advice ✦ Dating Ideas ✦ 1:1 Female to Male ratio ✦ Movie and Gaming Events ✦ Monthly Giveaways ✦ Couple's Corner / Marriage Bot ✦ Question of the Day ✦ LGBTQ+ Friendly ✦ 18+ Channel NOT A DATING SERVER!
Community | LGBT
A dating and social server for all who desire a peaceful and organized environment and are looking for the love of their life. 16+ only.
Hobbies | Writing
It's a multiverse of stories
Anime | Hobbies
We're a server focused around the romance of the yandere archetype and are centred around creating a tight-knit community full of friends!
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This is an online community dedicated to the discussion of books where all are welcome, whether you’re an absolute book fiend or total book newbie. You're encouraged to chat with your fellow readers and to participate in discussions by utilizing the appropriate genre channels.
Role-Playing | Anime
“ᵢₜ ₐₗₗ ₛₜₐᵣₜₑd wₕₑₙ ₜₕₑ fᵢᵣₑ ₙₐₜᵢₒₙ ₐₜₜₐcₖₑd..” → Sike! In the 1950's as science was continuing to advance, the thought of manifesting humans other than fertilization by one another, a scientist began a theory and a hypothesis. His efforts would take much time, day and night to see if what he can create be true. His colleagues saw the mania within him continue far too long. And as you would assume, he was declared to be on indefinite leave. Decades later in the 70's She began to study the “Floral Human Theory” which stated: «If we can create human limbs from animals, use plants for medicine, what can stop us from making humans from plants?» An open question, yet the possibilities and evidence to back it proved that life can be formed from this. So, she was set to work on the project. In 1973, she had created the first Floral Human. Since then theres been crimes from both species and a push for equality. Will you fight against it?
Role-Playing | Writing
Tooth and Nail is an Expressive roleplay server focused on Freedom be who You want to be and forge your own story!
Role-Playing | Community
Stormville; a mostly serene town with lively monster residents living amongst and tolerating each other. Now, love was in the air. And monsters of all shapes were romancing monsters of all sizes, it was truly a sight to behold. It was surprising enough to see a fairy hold hands with a werewolf about ten times her size, but what truly made jaws drop in awe? When these monsters were found cozying up with a human. ---- A RP server dedicated to love! Love is found in many forms, and we want to help your character find love themselves! Stormville is a lovely little town filled with monsters and even a few humans who happened to stumble upon this gem. WE HAVE: -Friendly and accepting staff who is here to help! -A near accurate active user list! We promote activity on this server! Anyone who isn't there and active are pruned so those who truly want to roleplay can write worry free of random drops! -A laid back and growing community
Social | Gaming
New channel :) Created for the purpose of a non-toxic environment, gamers, voice chatters, texters, and relationships! The theme is ‘Wine’ hahaha
Role-Playing | Anime
Welcome to the Phantasmic World of BRAVEN HEARTS! Explore this action packed rp as your favored race from our large selection and hop in! Learn about the plot, lore, timeline and maybe even make a few new friends in this super naturals futuristic fantasy rp! And remember, the greatest warriors are those with Braven Hearts! This roleplay is also based off of the anime series/game fate, fate elements included. So if you're a fate fan, this roleplay server is for you!
Community | LGBT
A safe space for people of all ages to meet new friends or maybe find a special someone. Could this be a place for you? Check out what we have for you!
Role-Playing | Writing
✿ - FEATURES - ✿ ❀ -A Mature Crowd of Misfits, 19 Years of Age or Older! (Verified) ❀ - An LGBTQ+ Accepting Community! ❀ -Active and Helpful Staff! ❀ -Literate Roleplayers! 1-3+ Paragraphs per Response! ❀ -Themes: Casual, Erotica, Light Fantasy, Romance, and Slice of Life!
Community | Writing
Romance, Adventure, Thrill.
Role-Playing | Community
Roleplay server set in a fantasy world, instead of the past it's more leaning towards the future.
Role-Playing | Community
This is a literate to novella roleplay server based on fairies. We have an extensive lore, but it all boils down to this: There's a tiny village in the middle of a massive forest. The fairies who live there are tiny humanoids, most with wings. Those wings are the source of their magic. Using magic drains the energy in the wings, and once a fairy can't use their wings anymore, the energy is taken straight from the body. There's different magic to choose from, and all magic use comes straight from the wings. The more magic a fairy uses, the more energy it drains from the wings. These fairies battle off creatures like toads and dragonflies every day, doing their best to survive in harsh conditions. A simple drizzle is a harsh downpour and an actual downpour quickly becomes a flash flood for the fairies. Life is tough, are you up to it? This is a literate to novella server.
Role-Playing | Community
⌦ Writers and roleplayers: camp camp is a large camp created with the purpose of helping teens who are troubled reconnect with themselves through camping. camp camp is a completely normal summer camp, but it is still mandatory that we state we are not to be hè̺ld̫̍ ͙͌liȁ̩bl̻̏e̊͟ f̙͝or ̬̈ạ͛ny̟̓ ͎̂d̖̈́a̝̿mą͒g̗͞e̫̓ ̻̈͝to ̺̏͡y̯͊o͍̕ú͈́r̢͐ ͍̚ ..... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Things we provide! ↴ ⤷ Well-planned server events! | ⤷ Music channels and other voice channels! | ⤷ A ton of character interaction! | ⤷ A thorough lore/description! | ⤷ Chat channels! | ⤷ 40+ RP channels! | ⤷ And more! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ⤷ Finish Date: 4.13.2020
Anime | Art
100% fewer 3D girls, 200% more moe ~~ CGI girls are welcome too. ^^ The only anime server where you can be the fruit of your choosing!
Role-Playing | Mature
With the world overrun by the dead, 4 factions are forced to live and fight to survive. Trade with other factions or bring your team together and start a raid! Will you be the hunter or the hunted? Join the raids, the love, the lost, and the found in the new zombie survival roleplay!
Role-Playing | Writing
From the beautiful and peaceful coasts of Ka'Oe, the heart of the ocean and the crowning capital where the King and Queen sit upon their thrones.... to the deep, dark waters of the Cove, home to Cave Town, a pirate shanty town and a plethora of monsters... There is a place for everyone.
Community | Entertainment
A warm and cozy bunker to keep yourself safe. ;)
LGBT | Social
We are an LGBTQ friendly 18+ server that provides you with a platform to make connections with others in a well moderated setting! ‣18 Years+ ONLY ‣Female Friendly ‣No male/female ratio, people are not numbers. ‣Active fair moderation ‣New Server ‣Connections based server, you decide what the means.
Role-Playing | Writing
The House of Magi is a group roleplay server that welcomes any and all to join! We only ask a few things of you before you fully join.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Venice play-by-post (p-b-p) *Historical Fiction* roleplaying forum