Of Being Human is a modern-supernatural rp based on small urban city-towns in the USA. There are no limits to the types of beings that can be played. Rating: 13+ Language: English Playstyle: short-paragraph and up Combat style: consent-based free-form
Tagalog / Filipino Call of Duty Modern Warfare discord server
A strange forest that seems to attract people and creatures of all kinds. This roleplay is pretty freeform, allowing for user-created channels and events, all types of characters (even fandom ones), and much more!
We are a small gaming community, but we will grow! When we reach 50 members, 3 random people will gain access to a exclusive channel that only the CEO and the mods are allowed AND When we reach 100 members everybody will receive a exclusive role! We also have always a giveaway in our channel, sometimes its good stuff, sometimes it isnt but is always something! We have a lot of games: -GTA V -Sea of Thieves -CS:GO -Assassin’s Creed -PayDay 2 -League of Legends -Left 4 Dead 2 -War Thunder -And a lot more games! We also have a music Bot that you can make him join your voice channels and a self assignable roles Bot! Our current languages are english and portuguese but we will add many more in the future So what are you waiting for? Just enter! It’s gonna be fun! :)
The Facility takes place in an Antarctic research facility with climate-controlled rooms to ensure no one freezes to death. Unlock your characters mutation and interact with other subjects and staff!
On June 4th, 2019, all of the residents of Providence, age 21 or over disappeared. No trace was left behind. Anyone who tries to leave the town for help never comes back, or if they do, they come back deranged and mentally scarred. Now, it's up to all those left in Providence to band together, solve their crisis, and find their way back to what they once had. [We're looking for people interested in casual, alternate-reality style RP. People who join can make a character and participate in the events within the server, or simply watch as others RP. Once joined, you may also work your way up to an Admin role. Providence awaits you... ]
Social Video Games Hub
Welcome to the realm of magic! A World just like ours, except....MORE MAGICAL!! So many things to do!: -Posses Magic from 3 different categories! -Own a Familiar, who takes the form of any creature your heart holds dear. -Become a student or teacher at the Hellebore High school! -And much more! The possibilities are endless!! We currently have: -Music Bot
Welcome to Los Santos, a realistic but enjoyable take on the Grand Theft Auto Universe. Atop of ourselves being a role play server, we have included economy oriented bots along with a few utility bots to ensure a quality experience and to fuel a "Tabletop-Like" style of game play.
In the small Mulberry neighborhood in the (fictional) town of Woodview, Indiana, strange artifacts known as Vessel Stones have been found by the youth. Only those under the age of 16 can see and wield their power, and they have been fought over by factions wishing to use them for their own purposes. Of course, to the grown ups, it's all a game... ...but you see, this is all very real... (SFW ONLY, no nsfw content allowed. Anthro characters only!)
Come join Bloomswood, where monsters and monster hunters exist in a modern RP.
A modern-fantasy role play with a multitude of races to become, magical disciplines to follow, and roles to fill in a constantly expanding and evolving world.
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