Hobbies | Gaming
A server to meet and make friends in the Magic The Gathering: Online Community. Whether you want to play games or talk about game metas or deck techs. We are all friends here!
Role-Playing | Community
A strange forest that seems to attract people and creatures of all kinds. This roleplay is pretty freeform, allowing for user-created channels and events, all types of characters (even fandom ones), and much more!
On June 4th, 2019, all of the residents of Providence, age 21 or over disappeared. No trace was left behind. Anyone who tries to leave the town for help never comes back, or if they do, they come back deranged and mentally scarred. Now, it's up to all those left in Providence to band together, solve their crisis, and find their way back to what they once had. [We're looking for people interested in casual, alternate-reality style RP. People who join can make a character and participate in the events within the server, or simply watch as others RP. Once joined, you may also work your way up to an Admin role. Providence awaits you... ]
Community | Gaming
Tagalog / Filipino Call of Duty Modern Warfare discord server
Military | Role-Playing
Today's war is an RP server set in the year 2019 - one where a rising China comes to odds with the United States in the Pacific. Take command, wade ashore, fly high and set your course in a world where choices matter and your very way of life is at stake.
Gaming | Social
An open Discord community mainly focused on gaming! Includes fun bots, opportunity for promotion, a casino and much more!
Gaming | Military
Hub for COD MW in oceanic region Feel free to join and find a squad DISCORD LINK BELOW https://discord.gg/fXnHavj
Bot | Business
Want a custom discord bot with many features & also cheap? Join now, and contact our developer.
Community | Entertainment
A server with personal voice channels an ever-expanding community and a unique server that hosts that wonderful community! We try to be unique and our personal voice channel system definitely shows that.
Role-Playing | Political
Welcome to Politica Aureus - the name of the server explains much of it, and means "Golden Politics" in Latin! We're basically a wide-ranged semi-Realistic to Realistic Geopolitical Roleplay server that's just restarted from scratch. We're currently in 2020. Join today!
Role-Playing | LGBT
Literate roleplay server looking to expand community.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
✵ Free-form city rp where you can be absolutely anyone in town! ✵ A newly growing, friendly community! ✵ Active staff ready to partner and help with whatever you need ✵ User made faction system ✵ Combat RP optional ✵ Hate & toxicity free environment ✵ LGBTQ+ Supported! ✵ Semi-lit+ RP experience ✵
Bot | Education
You Can Ask Any Questions Regarding Discord Bots In Here. Developer Are Super Friendly And Don't Be Shy To Ask Question. All Your Answers In One Place.
Support | Technology
Waev, the only multipurpose bot containing commands for every category! From google search to music and from reddit memes to leveling. Constant updates provide a new and updated Waev. Come check out the awesome community! We are sure you will be welcome.
Role-Playing | Tabletop
Mythos is a Reverse-Isekai roleplay, set in the year 2022, that’s about adventurers from the magical world of Oneiros coming to Earth. These adventurers sense a strong evil in our world and work with those who are aware to seek it out. Players, both Oneirons and Terrans, fight against monsters and a
Role-Playing | Community
PPF is an RP based on Earth and uses the present year but it is an alternate Earth where some things happened and are happening differently - the most remarkable one being that, while there are no supernatural things, the RP follows anime logic more than it does follow realism. People can still die easily if they get shot but you can have ridiculous scenes, colorful hair is natural, some fights are more action-y than they could ever be in real life, and so on. In short: don't worry too much about logic as long as you don't drift into the supernatural!
Community | Gaming
[FR] Discord communautaire Modern Warfare (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) Salutation à vous joueurs de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ! Je me permets de créer ce sujet à fin de vous faire parvenir ce serveur Discord communautaire Français du célèbre jeu Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.