a pinoy server without limitations except the server owner is sometimes fucking bipolar so maybe there are limitations
This server is dedicated to league of legends players in the Philippines.
Tagalog / Filipino discord server for pinoy Project BBQ players
Tagalog / Filipino discord server for pinoy World War Z players.
Philippines Discord Server, Join the PinoyGamer Philippines Discord Server dedicated for Filipino Gamers, Live streamers, YouTubers, Content Creators and more around the world. Our servers are partnered so you abide discords quality guidelines to the core.
Discord server for Filipino Overwatch Players
Tagalog/Filipino Discord server
Tagalog / Filipino Call of Duty Modern Warfare discord server
[NEW COMMUNITY] [NOT ROLEPLAY, NOT ROLEPLAY, NOT ROLEPLAY, NOT ROLEPLAY,] hi hi hi, so we are Philippines Co. we are a new company residing in PH and we are in need of k̶a̶t̶u̶l̶o̶n̶g̶ , new Interns who will help us prosper this growing company. what do you expect in the server? - Well-Managed / Organized Channels - Friendly People - Clutter free chat. - and obviously you will have fun Server is still in WIP and we are in dire of suggestion so pls help us HAHAHA
Features: **Color**-Change the color of your name **Minigames**-do !help for more info **Guess the song title**-do !help for more info **Music**-play music !help music **Search**-help !search **Verified-**Only vefied users can chat **Auto-mod**-Does some punishment for rule breakers **Non-cheaters**-Blocks the saying/revealing the impostor **Crew role**-if you host a game you can say "@crewmate [CODE]" **Matchmaking VC**-limited to 10 and monitored
Lowkid 낮은아이 PH @everyone this server is for people to socialize, and interests such as - anime - manga - games - art and more to be shared as one @here! ───────────────────── Main games of the server. Families: You can create your team/family and claim territories around the server weekly event! Economy: Lowkid has economy system that you can buy some stuffs/titles/special roles. Level: You are able to gain experience by sending messages and by voice chatting. Lowcoins: In real life cash converted to our currency to buy lowkid stuffs. Level - Rewards - Perks Level 5 | Newbie | 2500 everyday income Level 10 | Don't sleep | 4000 everyday income Level 20 | Party all night | 6000 everyday income Level 30 | Please buff | 7500 everyday income Level 40 | Mamamiya | 8000 everyday income Level 50 | Discord addict | 10000 everyday income | Nickname access Minigames: Pokecard, Owo, Koya, Mafia, Bingo, etc. Daily events baby!
This server consists of a community of Filipino SCUM players who are interested to meet new people in a PH-exclusive SCUM server. We especially welcome those who actively participates in events hosted by the game moderators. Happy Gaming!