Buscas compañia para ganar partidas? Quieres buscar gente para un equipo competitivo, o gente para echar casuales? Sea cual sea tu intención, si esta es jugar al cod, este es tu discord.
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Discord brasileiro de Call of Duty: War Zone
Technology | Community
Looking for a medium sized community of scambaiters? Looking for help with virtual machines? Looking for help calling scammers? Do you just want to chill? Well, our server is the perfect place for you. Here we have all kinds of bots for entertainment(Rythm, GamesROB) and usually at least 20 people online! We will see you there!
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This server follows Discord's TOS, any violation of these terms of service by any member will be taken upon by the staff team to review and implicate the necessary punishments.
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Tagalog / Filipino Call of Duty Modern Warfare discord server
Community | Entertainment
The server features 8 audio channels, some with limits some with none, 1 of them has no limit to users, another is 96 bit, the rest are either for music or for other things. There is also a server boosting lounge that you can connect and talk to other server boosters about why you regret boosting :)
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Der größte Deutsche Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone PC Discord Server. Schau doch vorbei :) Warzone, mw, modern warfare, deutsch, deutsche, deutschland, germany, call of duty, cod, discord, server, wz, modern, warfare, german, community, warsone, pc, ps4, xbox, playstation, 4
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Brand new gaming community! Mainly playing CoD:Warzone Looking for mods/streamers
Community | Anime
Yaaa, estamos montando um servidor pras pessoas conversarem e se divertirem, arualmente temos chat ativo e calls, se junte a nós, bater um papinho gostoso
Social | Gaming
A new server for gaming and chatting.
Gaming | Entertainment
The Noobz é apenas um servidor pra passar o tempo. Além disso é um servidor novo em beta ainda, mas ta bem legal, aqui dá pra falar com o pessoal, ouvir musica e etc...