Mabuhay! Fellow Among Us Philippine Players!

If you play Among Us and want to meet another fellow Among Us players, You are welcome to our server. Chat and play with other players, meet, and make lots of friends on our server!

Features of our server:

  1. We have Daily Giveaways ?
  2. Custom Coded Bots to make our lives easier.?
  3. Active Moderation. ?️
  4. A lot and when we say a lot, ITS A LOT of active players. ?️
  5. Non-Toxic Community so there is peace within us. ✌️
  6. We have GAMES!: ? - Casino to get special roles! - Karaoke Sessions so let us hear your voices! - Movie Nights so grab a popcorn,seat back, and relax!.
  7. We have Tournaments so try your best to win! ?

Don't worry if you don't know how to play the game, a lot of players know how to play this game and they can teach you! Again, Welcome to Among Us Philippines and Mabuhay!