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DYSTOPIA est une nouvelle communauté regroupant des créateurs de serveur S&Box basé sur du Role-Play non-moderne similaire à du DarkRP, en proposant du gameplay plus fictif, historique pour une expérience de jeu unique ! Des projets recherchés, réfléchis et travaillés afin de donner aux joueurs une expérience de jeu plaisante pour notre plus grand plaisir. *(Pour toute proposition concernant l'accueil d'un projet S&Box possédant les caractéristiques demander n'hésitez pas à nous contacter via le discord.)
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This is a dystopian/horror rp server that is just getting started
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ReVera Industries Roleplay: The year is 2084, one Nation dominates the globe with its technological might. Based on cyberpunk and dystopian fiction, tackling the modern themes of privacy and big tech.
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PG;15 roleplay set in dystopian America. People are set in Classes which represents their value. Golden, Copper, and Silver. 『 Plot 』 The year is 2087. The Golden Class has been on the top for about 5 years now. They have become snobby brats who think they are better than everybody else (which they kind of are-). They have treated the Copper Class lower than filth, not worth enough to even be personal slaves; unlike the Silver Class, where they were paid little to do chores and other dirty work. Having enough of the treatment they were getting. The Copper Class begged the Silver Class to teach and help them to get smarter, wanting to get even with the Golden Class and maybe even higher. Will the Silver Class help them to reach their goal? Will the Golden Class find out about the Copper Class's plan? Will the Copper Class be able to overthrow the Golden Class? Well, that's up to us, now isn't it?
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Welcome to the official Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Discord server! This is a place where you can share your experience, receive gameplay advice, discuss battle tactics, catch up on the latest news and updates, participate in events and have conversations with other Dystopia: Contest of Heroes players. To avoid any misunderstandings, we suggest you read through the server rules, server roles and server channels to familiarize yourself with this discord server.
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Welcome to Incendium City — Cyberpunk! What attracts so many people to Incendium, is the country’s lights, their technology, their friendliness; to this day, Incendium is one of the most travelled to countries, and is said to welcome anyone, no matter their species, race, sexuality, or gender. Many people that tour the area decide to move months later. Although Incendium is divided by classes, many people don’t seem to care and live their lives as they normally would. As of now, many people prefer the Par District for its affordable prices and lively community. What we offer: ↳ LGBT+ acceptance ↳ Many assignable roles ↳ Thought out lore ↳ RP events ↳ Giveaways ↳ Amazing staff ↳ And much more! ⚠️ WE ARE 15+! ⚠️