Gaming | Anime
A server based on the card game Weiss Schwarz by Bushiroad. Loaded with anime sets, plus occasional cartoon and video game sets.
Community | Hobbies
We're a club of Pokemon TCG fans and collectors who are passionate about learning the trade and informing our members about upcoming collections, Pokemon card news, and Pokemon cards that are rising in value.
Entertainment | Gaming
Artifact is dead, long live Artifact Reborn! Theorycrafting and development of Artifact Reborn. The future of Artifact.
Gaming | Tabletop
Manacrest is a physical & digital trading card game launching in Q1 of 2020. We're live on Kickstarter!
Hobbies | Gaming
A server to meet and make friends in the Magic The Gathering: Online Community. Whether you want to play games or talk about game metas or deck techs. We are all friends here!
Gaming | eSports
Server dedicated to Roshi_IsHere's Slow Play Gaming Community. A variety of games and memes can be discussed here with a focus on Eternal CCG and deckbuilding.
Gaming | Entertainment
4 King Royale® is a new card game that you can play as solitaire or as a multiplayer game against others. The clean and crisp design of the cards and screen layout make playing this new game hugely entertaining. If you enjoy blackjack and the many various forms of solitaire and patience card games it's quite likely you will love this game. Join the official Discord to play against others and attend our events and tournaments DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE DOWNLOAD ON THE APPSTORE
Gaming | Community
This server is for Laboratz fans and perhaps we will do something great together. We'll see how that goes.
Tabletop | Anime
The "Official" server for the Tabletop Simulator mod World Witches: Operation Cardfight! Whether you're a fan of the Strike Witches/World Witches series itself, or a fan of anime card games and looking for a new game to try, come on in and join us!