I always said that I would add a way for players to emote while playing CooL UNO. I thought it'd be funny to add that level of human emotion to the otherwise emotionless Discord game. Well, now you can with the sunglasses item. Sunglasses is the newest item in the game, but I am planning to add so much more. There's a chance for sunglasses to drop every time a card is played. Get the sunglasses and you will have the ability to emote (changing your player icon) by clicking the reactions that appear below the game when it's your turn.

I added command /info also to help with looking up what things are in the game or how things work. To find out more about the sunglasses you can do /info sunglasses in a server where the CooL UNO bot is present and online. The 2 player version of the game is now LIVE and those who want to play it on their server are welcome to invite the bot and play with there friends on any other server. 3-10 player version of the game will begin final testing soon and the will be launched as well. Plus so much more coming to CooL UNO in the future. Try out my game and let me know what you think!:]