Gaming | eSports
Discord server for the LeGeND Clan Family for Clash Royale. Visit us at
Gaming | Community
Chill koht kus saab inimestega koos mängida. Chill place for everyone to play games with and much more
Anime | Community
A JoJo server that's open to all kinds of fans, not just JoJo fans. With many channels for your interests, bot games, waifu hunts and more, we strive to create a positive and welcoming community.
Bot | Gaming
A Playground for those who love Discord Bots. We have our own economy, as well as some of the most popular bots like Mudae and Myuu Pokemon Adventure. If you are looking for a fun time and new friends, come join us today!
Meme | Gaming
We mostly play among us, but we have a radio, anime, some bot games, and a lounge to chill. Sooo...enjoy your stay
Community | Gaming
A Awsome Gaming Community
Entertainment | Social
A server for bot games.
Entertainment | Gaming
A Bot Game Club :)
Community | Gaming
Community | Gaming
In this server we like to talk and play among us, we arent toxic and have the one and only, Dank Memer, if you like to chill out with friends and play games this a good server to chose. I posted and edited all of my server on Thursday, November 5th, 2020. Stay as long as you like and most of all, enjoy yourself!!
Gaming | Bot
Welcome to Immortals Family! We talk about many games! We had many bots, lots of lots of bot games, self-developed bots to prevent rule breakers! We are dedicated to community! Super active chat!