Anime | Hobbies
A friendly and welcoming server to talk to other people and make new friends! Feel free to join us for a game of UNO too
Community | Social
A buncha idiots and a 2015 Toyota Prius is a chill server to hangout in.We got Games, Music, A goose that we don't know where he came from and a dad joke bot. If you join and enjoy the server PLEASE do |bump to, as you can guess boost the server. Invite friends, Invite family or whoever you want
Gaming | Entertainment
Big chillin
Community | Tabletop
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all! Play games such as Uno and Cards Against Humanity, participate in special events, try your luck in the casino, jam out to music, make new friends, and more!
Gaming | Entertainment
LFG, play UNO on Discord, talk about UNO's controversial rules, and more in the biggest unofficial UNO community server!
Gaming | Meme
Хорошая атмосфера и веселые посиделочки в дружной компании. Ламповыми вечерами играем в JackBox,uno,papayo и т.д. Настолки наше всё! Если не умеешь, научим, заходи и вливайся в клуб настольных игр онлайн! #Отличная возможность завести новые знакомства. #Адекватная администрация. #Настольные игры #Ламповое общение И много всего интересного. Заходи, тебе понравится!
Gaming | Entertainment
Cross platform UNO Here we play UNO with the special wild cards, but we support classic uno as well. We organize tournaments every 2 months and have a monthly leaderboards. We have a custom discord bot.