Anime | Hobbies
A friendly and welcoming server to talk to other people and make new friends! Feel free to join us for a game of UNO too
Tabletop | Gaming
A friendly game of chess
Community | Social
A buncha idiots and a 2015 Toyota Prius is a chill server to hangout in.We got Games, Music, A goose that we don't know where he came from and a dad joke bot. If you join and enjoy the server PLEASE do |bump to, as you can guess boost the server. Invite friends, Invite family or whoever you want
Gaming | Community
Welcome to MangoTown. We are a friendly community welcoming to players of all games and all ages. We would love to play with you. Join today.
Gaming | Anime
yo this is the server made by the Youtuber Mvtrixx (go sub). This is a server made for you to come and have fun chill out talk to people use bots and have fun. In this server we have people who enjoy games anime debating and everything. You can use dank memer, uno bot and pokecord/pokeverse its really fun come join.
Gaming | Entertainment
Big chillin
Community | Tabletop
Compete against other teams and earn points to be the best team of all! Play games such as Uno and Cards Against Humanity, participate in special events, try your luck in the casino, jam out to music, make new friends, and more!
Gaming | Community
This is a server dedicated to my Twitch stream, including whenever I go live or make a YouTube video! Over time, we have built a small but amazing community and look forward to growing even more!