Streaming | Gaming
Primarily a Hearthstone Community around Twitch Streamer Mageadeath
Gaming | Tabletop
Manacrest is a physical & digital trading card game launching in Q1 of 2020. We're live on Kickstarter!
Gaming | eSports
Server dedicated to Roshi_IsHere's Slow Play Gaming Community. A variety of games and memes can be discussed here with a focus on Eternal CCG and deckbuilding.
Community | Tabletop
The San Antonio Tabletop Game Designer's Guild is a place where game designers can get together and learn about game design while building a supportive community. In addition to learning from other designers and players' input, they will have a chance to market their games and sell them.
Gaming | Role-Playing
A card game with magical heroes, each with unique skills and powerful abilities. Play for free online in your browser or check us out on the Google play app store Join our community and discuss the game rules at our Discord Server.
Gaming | Community
Lor Global discord is a Global Hub for everything Legends of Runeterra, from deck advice and strategy, tournament organization, memes, art, gameplay clips, and more!
Gaming | Entertainment
Server for the Domain TCG.