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Wir sind eine kleine aufstrebende Esports Community welche sich um Valorant herum gebildet hat. Unter uns sind viele CS:GO Spieler, teilweise Global Elites. Bei uns geht es darum Spaß zu haben aber auch etwas zu erreichen. Wir wollen diverse gut eingespielte Teams in Rankes schicken und bei Möglichkeit in Turnieren melden! Abgesehen davon ist bei uns jeder willkommen! Schaut doch mal für eine Runde vorbei und lernt und kennen.
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Discord oficial de Universo Valorant, el mejor contenido de Valorant en español.
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The home of the Little Legends Podcast
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The best place to talk about Legends of Runeterra!
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Vous pouvez la rejoindre avec ce lien directement :
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VALORANT Competitive -A Discord server dedicated to the esports scene as well as pro & competitive community around VALORANT. We will also have VALORANT scrims.
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A Valorant discord server created with the present and future needs of the Indian community in mind.
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Wir bauen bis zum Release eine mächtige Community rund um VALORANT auf. Bei uns findest du immer jemand zum zocken und wirst Teil einer tollen Gemeinschaft. Icon
eSports | Gaming is a community for Valorant players to build teams and compete for the monthly leaderboard 1st place. Or just hang out in some casual games 🪁
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Valorant FR est une passerelle d'un serveur communautaire francophone Valorant de + de 30 000 personnes actifs !
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Valorant discord with open parties for you to join and have fun. Private voice channels for up to 5 and a Customs channel for those who want to fight against each other. It's great for chilling with other people and for having a fun time.
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СНГ дискорд сервер по Valorant
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Hola, soy Sara. Vengo a presentar el nuevo discord que he creado para personas que juegan juegos de Riot, principalmente Valorant. Espero que os unáis<3 Se hace complicado con ciertos bugs del juego comunicar, y es preferivel usar discord, tenemos excelente gente aquí.
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Join our discord community if you share our passion for gaming! Small RP or Valorant giveaway at 1000 members and bigger ones for further milestones. Server meet ups and trips planned for the future. From content creators to casual queue to pro play.
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Il server Discord ufficiale del forum italiano di League of Legends.
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Lor Global discord is a Global Hub for everything Legends of Runeterra, from deck advice and strategy, tournament organization, memes, art, gameplay clips, and more!
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This is an unofficial Valorant community discord server. Made for the players of Valorant to come and chill! We are not affiliated with Riot games!
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🎮VALORANT Portugal 🇵🇹 ▫️Aqui podes ficar a par de todas as novidades do VALORANT. ▫️Podes encontra pessoas de todos os ranks para jogares ranked ou casual. ▫️Giveaways mensa is de skins ou dinheiro via Paypal. Entra e junta-te a nos! 💪
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we're cool scp genre cdn roblox rioting & raiding idK MANN So yeah, join us.
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Wild Rift: the skills-and-strats 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends, now built from the ground up for mobile and console.
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🎮Valorant Portugal ⁉️ ✔️Aqui podes ficar a par de todas as novidades do VALORANT. ✔️Tens Scrims Personalizáveis dentro do Discord. Totalmente Personalizáveis Por ti. ✔️Bot Customizado para fazeres o teu lobby dentro do Discord. (Antes de Entrar no Jogo). ✔️Podes encontra Players de todos os Ranks para jogar. ✔️Procura a tua Equipa No Nosso Discord. ✔️Giveaways mensais de VP. ♦️Entra e Diverte-te!♦️
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Join us and be part of our Valorant EU Discord Server Community you are more than welcome! You can discuss your Valorant games, news, updates or literally anything game related. You can talk about your strategies or even discover new ones, debate about the agents and much more!