Community | Growth
An support group community where everyone can come into one community and vent whatever it is that's on their minds. A Judgment Free zone where people can feel welcomed and feel safe. This Relationship Support Group is an text only base group where individuals can stillf eel safe while venting and remain anonoymous. We have only 1 voice channel which is a Music channel where members can listen to whatever music they desire while venting whats on their minds. The channel is an auto muted channel but the individual still is allowed to listen to Music and is more than welcome to add onto our servers open collan playlist on Spotify. We hope that everyone who joins feels welcome and safe upon Joining Out fairly new relationship Support group Server <3
Community | Growth
We are Kindled, a love and relationship advice server where anyone can join to talk about and share their relationships. We are here to help each other with our love lives, and offer different perspectives on the perceptions and existential situations of the people around them, regarding relations. We would like to offer a place for people to bounce their ideas regarding their relationships off of and share their stories. We are not professionals or therapists. We are people who have experienced and learned how many relationships work, and would like a place where people can learn to better their relationship situations, free of charge.
Community | Support
If you are going through a rough patch in your love life, you can count on the members of this server to show you a better way. If you'd like to share your romantic wisdom, then this server is the perfect platform for you.
Community | Support
Hello! This server is open to everyone fresh from a relationship or suffering through heartbreak for awhile. Mods here are people who once went through the same thing or are going through the same thing so we can relate! Here you can vent, send texts you wish you sent, and talk with people who can relate or give advice. We're looking to find more people to help and build a community where there will always be a place to turn to and a safe space to vent in.
Entertainment | Furry
A place to discuss Rootpaw and the warrior cats series in general Join this server to get the latest news and updates about warrior cats.
Role-Playing | Community
Depicted :smile: Depicted has it all: -> *Homework Help* -> *Essay Proof-reading* -> *Controversial Topic Discussion* -> *Philosophical Thoughts bot* -> *Shower Thought Bots* -> *24/7 Chill Music Playlist* -> *Role Playing Games* -> *Gambling* -> **And Much more!** **At Depicted we try our hardest to remain a close community. If you are struggling with school work, life, family, or you just need a friend to talk to, we've got your back.** *Also, we have just gotten new automatic ranks, so you can join in on the fight to help everyone if you'd like.:smile:*
Social | Mature
Whether you're a Single Pringle, Taken or just looking to make some friends, we welcome all at 18+ Single and Friends! Join us in this (Dating/Relationship Oriented) Server where you can participate in the interest rooms (anime, game, music, etc.), talk in general or show off your photography skills!~ There are rooms for every continent and a variety of interests. Roles make it possible to instantly see a member's: Gender, Age Range, Orientation, Continent, and Interests (if they have given themselves said roles) The server is for those 18+ and features a high-tier verification system to keep the bots and catfish at bay. Please join us sometime~
Support | Community
Created in early 2017, Heart Universal started as a hobbyist Discord server which aimed to provide breakup support to a few dozen community members. With increasing numbers and plans to maximize our impact, we’ve made the jump to an organization. We have a current community member count of 5,000+, with just shy of 20,000 having used our services since 2017. We are passionate and dedicated to our members and our mission. If you are struggling in your relationships, you don’t have to go through it alone.
Community | Social
Long-Distance Lounge is a server for anyone who is in a long distance relationship (LDR), has been in one, or plans on being in one shortly. Make new friends with or ask advice from others in a LDR!
Social | Gaming
This server is about getting to meet new people, that are also teens. Also about making new relationships. Mostly through video games, VCs, and text channels. Join Chill Cove for a good time making new friends and relationships with people in the ways you see fit.
Support | Community
Safe place for yanderes to gather without being judged or fetishized. Selfroles, Emoji, QOTD, Minecraft, Verification. Supportive community!
Community | Education
An 18+ safe haven to discuss the beauty of romance. We support each other in a safe, positive, non-judgmental, and open environment.
Community | Gaming
We, The Divine, are not perfect and do not claim to be. We do not claim to be immortal or better than others. We are simply leaders in our chosen domains, pushing ourselves and others to grow, learn, and enjoy the finest of what the world has to offer. Our strength lies in those that join us, only through you can we meet our goals of sharing our passions.
Mature | Community
Welcome to Lonely Hearts Club where we aim to gain new freindships and relationships for people who are unfortunate in this world we live in today to find both a freind or a partner. Whatever the persons walk of life,race,religion,sexaulity or beliefs we will welcome them with open arms. our age range is between 16-25
Community | Growth
Welcome to Numinous! We are a community for relationship advice, applied typology, and personal growth. Here, various advisors use different tools to help you, including psychology, socionics, and various other systems. We also have a social community to discuss and build relationships with others. The server mission is to provide a space for self growth, healing, fun, and community.