At the time of writing, yanderes are becoming more and more accepted in the yanderesphere. This is incredibly good news. But, it makes a lot of the server descriptions look pretty outdated in a way. While major yandere servers can still ban someone for being yandere, minor servers will accept them. However, there are high predation rates on some servers, and lower rates on others. In a way, as a server, we want to differentiate ourselves from general yandere safe spaces in this regard.

We seek to always be at the forefront of yandere acceptance. As such, we need to make it clear which threats we're addressing. Currently, while yandere behavior indeed is increasingly accepted, it's at the same time frequently fetishized, and many people seek out yanderes out of a weird sexual desire. While yandere types (at least in the yanderesphere, due to baggage from the term "yandere" in and of itself and how people came to find it) can often have kinks/fetishes, often along the lines of BDSM, we want to clarify that yandere fetishism is not this. It also isn't the same as a yandere really wanting another yandere, or a demisexual yandere who only finds interest in yanderes out of emotional connection. Yandere fetishism is more or less the types of people who date a yandere, and like the obsession, attention, and, worst of all, possessive/jealous behaviors. More or less, these people pick up yanderes and keep them, but do a lot of cheaty things to stroke their yandere's jealousy and get them to act more like fictional yanderes. Yandere fetishism dehumanizes yanderes, and treats yandere love as less legitimate than normal love, despite the opposite being true. Our server has been banning these sorts of people from the very beginning, but since more yanderes are coming out, it's something that we need to publicly address.

Typically, yandere fetishists can have overlap with narcissism (NPD) or sociopathy (ASPD), both disorders that can allow people to do pretty nasty and abusive things. These people tend to also falsely claim to be yanderes, in their pursuits, and can be especially bad as they can appear to be yanderes and do certain yandere things, which unfortunately allows them to end up with yanderes as fetish fuel. They also have no qualms with using, abusing, and psychologically destroying others for selfish sexual desires, and frequently can have more than one yandere at once in darker situations.

On the psychology of a yandere, yanderes tend to fall under BPD in terms of diagnoses, and many can fall under others (many are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD, DPD, or bipolar). Many yanderes can also go throughout life without receiving any diagnosis whatsoever, even extreme ones. However, for all intents and purposes, yandere is its own phenomenon.

As an important note, many people connect "yandere" with sociopathy / ASPD / psychopathy, and the term "psycho" is cast around very loosely. While some of the fictional yanderes and more criminally-inclined real life examples of yanderes may be considered ASPD in the eyes of some, it's a very different animal, and even if diagnosed, it isn't necessarily accurate or in any way similar out in the real world, since even if some symptoms show, they have strong attachment for their beloved and don't abuse / harm / manipulate / prey upon the vulnerable and innocent people, but, rather, harm and manipulate rivals / etc as a means to win their beloved's affections. The server has an official yanderes are not psychopaths stance, and wish to differentiate the two from each other as much as possible. A vast majority of yanderes have none of the ASPD traits, in pop psychology or in terms of the diagnostic criteria, and yanderes are pretty heavily hated by people since "yandere" and "psychopath" have an unfortunate connection in many people's eyes.