Anime | Social
This server is mainly for anime, but it has bots like Pokécord, Yggdrasil, Tupperbox, Dank Memer and more
Anime | Art
We're a Yandere server made by Yandere fans, for Yandere fans! This small, growing community is very welcoming and will help teach you how to be a good Yandere or Senpai! ♡
Anime | Community
We are the Yandere & Lolita server, join us and enjoy being part of our eccentric community especially for yanderes and people who like the Lolita fashion. We strive for people to appreciate our great variety of channels dedicated to Anime/Manga/VN and cosplays, beauty and fashion, cuisine, ASMR, art and NSFW (for verified 18+) channels just for you. We have several bots for you to use (Mudae, Tatsumaki, Astolfo, Pokecord, Jukebot....), self assignable roles and voice channels (for all your musical bots or voice chat needs).
Anime | Hobbies
We're a server focused around the romance of the yandere archetype and are centred around creating a tight-knit community full of friends!
Anime | Support
Ola você se considera um Yandere/” um namorado(a) possesivo , obsessivo, ciumento” etc.. Se sim bem vindo a comunidade, aqui você não será julgado, e poderá ser como você Realmente é, pode demonstrar seus sentimentos profundos. Caso você goste também do gênero Yandere também será bem vindo.
Community | Social
Our server is Dere based, but anyone is welcome to join.
Community | Anime
♡welcome to yan yan ♡ we’re a 16+ server for those who want to find a place where they can talk about the yandere trope (or identify with it), anime, make friends, and anything and everything in between! we are a kind, friendly, and supportive community! we hope to see you here soon!
Role-Playing | Social
This server is a yandere roleplay server! You have the chance to become a rival or a yandere, either searching for your love, or aiming to get in the way of love.
Anime | Community
|| 💖 || Yuno Gasai || 💖 || There's a HUGE giveaway going on! || 💖 || 700+ members || 💖 || Semi-active || 💖|| 140+ Yuno emotes, increasing rapidly. || 💖 || A lot of Yandere fans. || 💖 || Mirai Nikki channels. || 💖 || You're always welcome!
Anime | Social
Basically a server with mini games, and just fun people to hang with!!
Anime | Social
Basically a server with mini games, and just fun people to hang with!!
Support | Community
Safe place for yanderes to gather without being judged or fetishized. Selfroles, Emoji, QOTD, Minecraft, Verification. Supportive community!