Welcome to our community. Here, you'll find that our primary focus is to find you either friends or a partner. We're primarily a relationship-building server, but if you have interests in just making friends we offer that too. We are also Disney themed, and offer a multitude of custom roles and colors for you to choose from! Come on and join us, you won't regret it :D
Hey, come join us at the Love Lounge. Here you can find someone special in your life. We offer loads of features so what are you waiting for, join us, before its too late.
The majority of our members are in the midst of a tough breakup and are going No Contact with their exes. Our server is home to over 1,300 people looking for a safe and supportive place to interact and socialize with one another.
🐼✨💗Inclusive E-Dating is a server that brings all people together to find that special someone, or just a new friend!💗✨🐼
hi im katie and im tryna make some quick cash for stuff