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Let's kill the pain, understand the pain , and be the cure for each others
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SINGLES AUFGEPASST Romeo&Juliet ♥ Germany - Neuer Discord-Server für Singles ab 18 - mit möglichkeiten zur Verifizierung für den 18+ Bereich (Blinddateräume uvm) - Haupt und Profilrollen mit extra Berechtigungen für jeden Aktiven User. - Für ALLE ob Heterosexuell, Homosexuell, Trangender oder anderes... JEDER Single Ü18 ist Willkommen!!!
This is for anyone 18 and older looking for love.
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A community filled with girls and girls only!
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Welcome to Whiskers! Our goal is to make anyone who joins less lonely than they were before they had joined. Our community is fun and relaxed for the most part towards each other, it’s great for voice channels as well as texting channels too for you people out there who are too insecure to talk in a