Anime | Gaming
Join the Fox Kingdom Discord Server! Super wholesome and friendly community. We play a lot of different games from Final Fantasy 14, League of Legends, Dark Souls to Minecraft and Animal Crossing. We have events, active vc, and a super supportive community. We are doing a Nitro giveaway right now!
Community | LGBT
Mentally Unstable Eggo! For all my mentally unstable lovelies. The queers are near..
Community | Anime
A fun and loving server!!!
Art | Gaming
Come join Squad 19! Here you can promote any social medias of yours and showcase your art! You can work with other amazing artist like yourself to make something extraordinary! We have Movie Night once and a while so come with some movies to watch with your friends! We are a loving community so no hate towards others, this is a safe place <3
Social | Technology
We are a diverse chill server that connects and bring new people together where they can mess around and enjoy themselves. We are based in United States and currently wish to expand our membership vastly across the world. Do join us as we need your help in order to expand.
Community | Social
become a citizen of our small town <3 we have stuff for everyone !! art, pics, vent channels, you name it :D this has been yr mayor, i look forward to meeting new townspeople.
Community | Social
Welcome to Whiskers! Our goal is to make anyone who joins less lonely than they were before they had joined. Our community is fun and relaxed for the most part towards each other, it’s great for voice channels as well as texting channels too for you people out there who are too insecure to talk in a
Community | LGBT
**Welcome!** Hello Server viewer, are you interested in a place where you can learn to love yourself and do some self care? Here at the love and Care Centre you can. We look towards in helping you in your time of need and build you up. We understand that doing some self love and care can be hard so we have reminders made around the server. Even when building your self love and care you can help others as well in their time of need. We have many different amenities to go from. We have a void to let everything go, multiple vent channels, both your physical and mental health care channels, a hug room, rooms for advice and many more areas to help you. We also offer channels and roles for reminders from reminding to eat to reminder to do some self care. 🏳️‍🌈We are a LGBQT+ welcoming server 🏳️‍🌈 😄We welcome everyone 😄 ❕Water, eating, sleeping and care reminders❕ 🤖 Many types of bots 🤖